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New Year's Resolution with a Twist

Several times a year and especially around the New Year, which is common for a lot of us, I reflect on myself and my life. I take a couple of quiet hours to myself, curl up with a journal, and set some goals for the future. Some big, some small, just getting these desires down in writing is the starting point for me to make positive change. But as I recently started to think about this New Year’s Resolution, I felt a sense of resistance within myself. I thought, “More things to work on? I’ve made so many changes lately!” I know that often times a feeling of resistance may be when I’m about to do something that I think I ‘should’ do as opposed to ‘wanting’ to do it. Fear of change or comfort within a situation may cause feelings of resistance. In these cases I push myself toward a goal anyway. But this time I’ve felt this resistance was present because I had accomplished so many past goals recently that I don’t want very many things to change! I want to be present with what I’ve worked for and not look ahead to a better situation. I just want to be happy with where I am now. Many of us are on a constant road to self-improvement. I think it’s wonderful and important and what life’s about! But with the media bombarding us with things or looks that we should work toward, and religious and holistic communities challenging our personal and spiritual growth, it’s sometimes hard to ever feel like I’m ‘where’ I want to be. So I’ve decided to switch things up with a New Year’s Resolution. Instead of listing things that I’d like to change or improve, I’m going to write things that I am satisfied with. My resolution will be to maintain the things I have worked so hard for, to appreciate these things and to be present with them in their current state. There are still so many things I want to work on, but right now I think some rest is in order. I’m going to enjoy how things are right now. I will stay open to change but will not necessarily push for it. I think this resolution may prove to be challenging and that some growth will end up coming from it. I’ll be learning how to be happy with myself and my life just as it is at this moment, regardless of possible plans to change. Doesn’t it sound lovely?

So I’d like to challenge you to spend time being thankful for how some things are for you now…before you make goals for the future. Set those goals but before or while they are being met, be present with the pre-change situation and see what you may gain from it. And please comment back with your “Things to Maintain” list. It will be refreshing to hear what people are happy with in their lives. Here’s mine:

I am satisfied with these things just the way they are, and resolve to maintain them in the New Year:

-my relationship with my husband and family

-my relationship with myself (finally!)

-my job (huge finally!!)

-my apartment

-my health

-my use of my creative abilities

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First off, I want to say that I'm happy to have met Jessica - it's our 1 year anniversary (grin), so I wish to thank her for changing my life!

I'm happy that there is music. It's strange how something 'invisible' (sound) can have such an impact on our emotions.

Another thing I'm happy for/with are my friends who have fully supported me through many trials and tribulations over the last several years.

I'm very happy to have become close to my mom again - after almost 40 years, we've never had a rapport like we do now...

Despite trying to label everything that I'm happy with, I must say that I'm in the best 'place' I have ever been. It's taken a lot of emotional work, but I'm finally reaping the benefits daily. I still have a way to go (hence, continue reaching for the goal), but I've made more emotional and inner-personal progress in the last 3 years than I had in the previous 30!

I love it Jess! It was both refreshing and inspiring to read!

What I am satisfied with:

My amazing family (and how blessed we are to only grow closer)

My wonderful boyfriend

The opportunities I have received while I've been at school

The path I am on spiritually!

My financial situation

great idea!!!

What I am happy with:

-my relationship with my family and significant other

-very happy to have graduated college!

-everything that I have learned the past few years, both academically and personally

-the person I've become