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A Refreshing Read…it will make you smile :-)

It is so easy to complain. We are all guilty of it. It can feel good, and then after all of the moaning and groaning about how tough life is (because it can be sometimes), it can feel exhausting as well. That’s how it feels for me at least. I will tell you what truly feels nice... To find something positive. One aspect of life that people can find many complaints about is their workplace. Unfortunately enough, our career choices take up a bit of our time in life…so I hope we can find some happiness in that. This is what motivated me to take the time to write about what brings me happiness through my work. There is so much I can say. But even taking some small things and bringing it to my awareness and others as well feels very refreshing compared to spewing negativity about the place you spend a decent amount of time at. Even more interesting and uplifting, I involved others in finding the pluses of their workplace and career choices. I asked others to simply take five minutes or so and think about what felt good about their job. The following statements are honestly touching, some humorous, and very meaningful. They made me smile. It’s nice to hear the pride that others take in their work. There is no specific order and mine is slipped in there as well. Please enjoy. I hope this is uplifting for you also and that you find yourself wanting to comment on what you find positive in your work. I am sure it will be greatly appreciated!

MEG Therapist/Counselor: When a client comes into my office and sits down, the world outside the walls no longer exists. The bond that I must form with a complete stranger is a relationship unlike any other in the world. I ask each individual to come in and divulge their inner thoughts and feelings they might not have said out loud to anyone in their life. Looking across the room to the person sitting opposite of me, it sets in that this person has a story. He/she has experienced situations I myself have never imagined nor thought possible, whether it be something they are proud of or something they keep locked inside of them. To be the person with whom they feel safe enough to allow me to be privy to their most secret and personal thoughts is a gift I treasure with the utmost respect. Additionally, I am thankful for the instances when an individual who started as just a name on an appointment card, leaves and feels like a weight has been lifted off his/her shoulders and can now get through their troubles with my support. The people who fill my days have been through more emotional, physical and psychological pain than I feel any person should experience, yet they are sitting in my office, strong and still alive. I commend them everyday and receive strength from their strength, for this I am thankful.

ANDREA, Program Coordinator for Girls on the Run: Seeing the faces of 70 girls at the end of a 5K running toward the medal they get for finishing. Their smiles say it all - they can reach their goals!

BEN, Sales Manager: When I get to work every morning I feel a sense of security. Although it may be difficult at times, I feel that whatever issues I or (we) as a company face that we can overcome those problems. I work for a Japanese company and had the chance to go to Japan last month. I was able to get another cultures point of view on business and how to approach challenges. This company definitely keeps me on my feet and promotes critical thinking. At time I feel they can micromanage me to the point of me doubting my future with the company and terrible frustration. But In the end I realize my supervisor is only doing it for my sake. Not to point out my mistakes, but to show me how to approach something differently, effective constructive criticism. I’m thankful that they have the patience to work with me and to take the time to show me their point of view.

JULIE child welfare caseworker: I think I would have to say the thing I love most about my job is not what I actually do, but the people I work with and place in which I work. I have a lot of fun during my workday. I never know what's going to happen, either with my caseload or by my coworkers. Everyone gets along and we all try to keep it light. I think it speaks volumes that we can deal with such stressful issues and still have a blast nearly every day. I could probably go on and on, because I truly do love my job - but I won't!!

Judy: Paralegal: I love getting up in the morning and going to work. The office is cozy and homey; we are like family caring about each other and each other's families. The attorney I work for has complete trust and confidence in me and my work and that is a great feeling. I have worked places in the past where superiors watch and criticized your every move causing one to lose their confidence and self-esteem. In this job there are days where I prefer to be at work rather than home. I don't know how many people can say they love their jobs and love going to work, but I'm one of them.

BETH, Massage Therapist: When I walk into my work place I immediately feel a sense of calm. It is easy to become grounded here, which I find to be challenging sometimes elsewhere:) It smells wonderful and my coworkers also find a sense of peace from this workplace as there is a lot of good energy here. Working with others in healing is therapeutic for me. The connection that I receive from being with my clients in this type of environment is amazing! I love the way that I feel after a day of work. I am definitely in a better place mentally and physically, I get a little work out too. Another plus, I can dress comfortably. I am so thankful for all of this!

STACY, Asst. Director of Admissions for The Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy: I love where I work because as a group we get to "touch" the greater community and beyond. I appreciate so much being able to meet new people and help inspire them in their goal and vision of becoming massage therapists. I work in a melting pot of it's own with many people and personalities. I have great flexibility and work with people who genuinely care about the progress and success of those they work with and teach. I get to burn candles, listen to my itunes and drink all the coffee I want too!!

FRANDA: Educational Interpreter (for hearing impaired): I know that I am very blessed because I have been working with a very good-natured, enjoyable student for 5 yrs. now. (Have to admit it hasn't always been that easy!) It is fulfilling to assist in providing the means for a young person to become an independent & happy young adult. I am in a great rural high school in NC with a very friendly, dedicated staff. I stumbled into this job over 20 years ago because of my sign language skills I learned for my daughter, & it has suited me well.

Kevin P. Giza Senior Loan Officer Fifth Third Bank: I am truly thankful for my job because (especially in my field) a lot of people have lost them this past year. So I am happy to even have a job at this point. I have a lot of great people around me that can always keep me laughing! I have dedicated this next year to help as many people I can keep their homes and most importantly afford them! I am especially fortunate for this upcoming year and all of the opportunity it brings. Due to all of the hardships, lay offs, and government restructurings I feel extremely lucky to have weathered the storm and to be in position to achieve prosperity. I even appreciate you for having me do this little exercise because it makes you realize things are not really that bad!

Kara Early Childhood Special Educator. My office is a classroom!! I love how colorful my classroom is. My students are funny and cuddly and even on the hardest day they make me laugh out loud--hard!!! I enjoy teaching them--it is play for me. My students learn through play, music, and art!!! All day we paint, sing, dance, make music, make messes, make art, and it is so much fun! Most days I am physically drained from teaching but I am thankful that I am impacting these little guys and helping them become independent. It makes me feel good that I am giving something back! ;)

KENN massage therapist/instructor: Massage Therapy is such a contradiction — we are always seeking the balance between giving and taking. I try to do my best work for my clients and if I do, I benefit! I must take care of myself first and if I do, I can take better care of my clients! I put out a lot of energy doing a massage, and at the end of the massage, I feel energized! The stronger my boundaries are, the better I can connect with others! As an instructor, my ultimate goal is to enable my students to be better than I am. What a strange and wonderful enigma.

Berneeta, Registered Nurse: I have been an RN for over 23 years. I have definitely had my share of terrible shifts and done more than my share of complaining. However, I am currently working for an agency that places medical professionals. I am placed between 2 different facilities at present. This means that I have more control of my schedule. If I have something I need to do, or want to do, I get to chose to say, "No, I do not want to work that day." This alone has taken so much stress out of my life. The other big benefit for me is that I do not get caught up in the politics of working for a specific place. You know, all the she did this, she did that, she got this day off, I had to work....Blah, blah, blah. I haven't needed to call off once just for a mental health day all year. AND, I haven't cried either on my way to work or on my way home from work since I've started working with the agency. This is the least stressful I've ever felt in 23 years of nursing. I'm lovin' it!

Kathy - Eye Technician: I have had quite a few jobs over the years, but this is by far my best. I work for 3 doctors who are great and put no pressure on me whatsoever. When I get to work, I find it to be very relaxing; for some reason I find I can get away from a lot of stress and just concentrate on my job. The people I work with are all very nice. I work with 12 women and you could not find a nicer group of people. There is no gossip or cattiness usually accompanied with working with that many women; sorry ladies! I work part time which gives me some free time to do what I want at home and help take care of my wonderful granddaughter. It's a great place to work.

VITO Promotional product Sales representative: I work from home in the promotional advertising business. I love working from home. I do however, have the “get dressed” rule and I never work in my PJ’s. I may stay in jeans and a t-shirt, but my rule is get cleaned up just as if I was going to work in an office outside of my home. If you think that through, it’ll make sense to you. Now this business is very interesting in many ways but the most interesting thing I’ve found is that I get to deal with all kinds of different businesses, unlike my last business where I mostly dealt with Beauty Salons. Not that I didn’t love that, but this is just so much more diverse and I still get to work with salon owners as well in this business. Here in promotional product advertising you work with large and small business people from the gas station on the corner to major corporations. It’s very creative as you need to think outside of the box and work with marketing people on many different projects and many different levels, so the work does not get stale. It’s always different. Something that I didn’t realize; you can make a good living doing this. Before I became involved in this type of business I really didn’t think of the income involved because I was always the buyer. When I had my beauty supply business I used many promotional items to keep my name in front of my clients. Now that I work at this in order to support my family I see the earning potential and it is way better than I imagined. The other plus is if my grand daughter comes over and I’m not real busy I can play with her and still be at work. Now there is a real bonus.

Okay, now it is your turn. What do you find nice about your workdays? I hope it isn’t too difficult for you...

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Hi Jim! I am really glad this brought out something nice for you to think about. I loved reading everyone's felt good because I believe it ended up being an enjoyable experience for everyone to sit and think in a different direction for a change. I am sure I will be seeing you soon at the center. It's nice that you and jessica are still working together, regardless of her move. Take care! Beth


There isn't too much about my job (IT) per-se that is nice, but I do really enjoy my co workers. We are all diverse and come from different backgrounds, but have a similar humorous styles. We are laughing constantly which makes the day go so much easier!

Thank you for making me think of something positive in my day - it always helps to bring yourself back to reality!