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National Massage Therapy Awareness Week: Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage is a specialty which was started by Massage Therapist Claire Marie Miller with the Nurturing the Mother, Fertility Massage Specialist Certification.  Nikki Remic, Founder of the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing was trained in this method in 2008, becoming Pittsburgh’s first and only Certified Fertility Massage Specialist. The Fertility Massage is a beautiful blend of castor oil packs, essential oils, Reflexology, abdominal massage, specific massage points to stimulate and relax the body, as well as energy-work to help support the woman in opening to receive the spirit of a new life to be nurtured in her womb.  In addition to women, Men are also able to receive Fertility Massage with the focus shifting slightly to improving flow to boost healthy and high sperm count and mobility. Couples are also given the option of bringing their partner with them for an educational session where they are taught massage skills, such as reflexology, to use on one another to improve fertility for one another. While specific details are always incorporated in a Fertility Massage, at the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing we acknowledge that each woman is faced with her own physical and emotional stressors about becoming a mother.  With this in mind initial Fertility Massage Sessions are 2 Hours each and 90 minutes for each following session to customize and help women and men as individuals. A Fertility Massage is beneficial for anyone who is trying, or preparing to start trying to conceive.  It can be modified and used in conjunction with medical fertility care, or on it’s own to boost a woman and/or man’s fertility and well-being as they work to create a healthier, body and for woman a more receptive environment for conception. It is suggested (though not necessary) that women and men who are interested in Fertility Massage commit to three months of Fertility Massage as preparation for a healthy pregnancy allowing for the body to be supported with good circulation of fluids and life force for a healthy follicles and sperm.  For individuals who are interested in complementary services to boost fertility we offer Cellular Expansion & Healing, a hands-on approach to healing and improving homeostasis of body, mind and spirit as well as Naturopathic Medicine.

In Honor of National Massage Therapy Awareness Week Call the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing our DAILY DEAL TODAY call (412)242-4220 to purchase a series of 3 Fertility Massage Sessions and receive a 30 minute Cellular Expansion & Healing Session FREE!

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