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New Year's Resolution with a Twist

Several times a year and especially around the New Year, which is common for a lot of us, I reflect on myself and my life. I take a couple of quiet hours to myself, curl up with a journal, and set some goals for the future. Some big, some small, just getting these desires down in writing is the starting point for me to make positive change. But as I recently started to think about this New Year’s Resolution, I felt a sense of resistance within myself. I thought, “More things to work on?

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Noticing Energy Levels

How profoundly are we affected by others and our surroundings? Deeply and constantly. Lately, I've been increasingly aware of the subtle ways in which my personal energy is amplified or depleted. For example when my house and car ( I drive a lot ) are nice and clean, I am noticeably happier and more energized. When I'm drinking enough water throughout the day my body and mind have a clearer connection and my energy flows more easily and completely. The same is true when I am exercising and resting enough. Also, I am fortunate to be energized and centered by my work.

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Avoid Gaining Holiday Weight By Being Mindful!

Many of us get caught up in alot of holiday stress which causes us to be unconscious about what we are putting in our bodies around this time of year.To avoid gaining holiday weight try being more mindful about what it is that you are putting into your body. I don't just mean by cooking with pure ingredients. I mean take time to look at and taste what you are eating instead of eating without realizing what you are eating. One way to help with this is to take time to chew your food slowly.

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Recognize Your Risk for Holiday Depression

The holiday season is supposed to be joyful and care-free…right? Well, this is certainly a hope. However, for many, this time of year can be stressful and even depressing. Here are a few common sources of stress and depression this time of year. Busy Schedules: Getting out of the normal routine is an often enjoyable change of pace, but with an increase in social events and travel, we are more likely to eat worse, sleep less, and drink more. Changes in healthy habits can make us feel worn out.

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Pomegranates: Health Benefits and Recipe

One of my favorite winter time fruits, the pomegranate, has many confirmed health benefits.

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Quick Tips for Easing Aches and Pains

You’re in pain right now, but you’re next massage appointment isn’t for days!!

Don’t just deal with it. Take the time to pay that pain the attention it’s nagging you for! Here are some quick and easy ways to hold yourself over till your next massage…

Epsom Salt Bath- Great for large areas or overall pain and stiffness. You can find these inexpensive salts in all drug/grocery stores. Dissolve 2 cups in tub of really warm water.

Arnica Oil- Best for pain in a specific muscle. Rub over affected area as often as needed.

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A New Perspective on Stress Relief

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Do Nothing and Enjoy It

The other day I came home from running a couple of errands and realized that I had absolutely nothing to do. I checked the calendar twice, all was clear. I did not have attachments to plans, I had no work around the house to do, and I was not feeling the desire to create any project that could be done around the house either. The laundry was completed, which felt great, considering there is always a bag of sheets to wash when you are a massage therapist. And I usually have my four year old daughter running around, playing, and chatting…but on this day, she happened to be away with her dad.

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