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Massage Helps Pittsburgh to Beat the Heat

Is the intense heat and humidity in Pittsburgh making you grumpy, impatient, and uncomfortable in your body?
Massage can help to cool you down!

That’s right some of the natural benefits of massage can actually help with beating the heat. Here are a few ways massage can help:
1.       Massage lowers your heart rate.
2.       Massage lowers your blood pressure.

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Preventing a Diastasis During Pregnancy with Simple Tips

So you ask... “Kate, what exactly is a Diastasis and how does it happen”? A Diastasis or specifically Diastasis Recti happens due to weakness in your transverse abdominals. This results in a protruding abdominal wall and encourages a separation, or diastasis of the recti bellies.  Ouch!! Relaxin and progesterone play a major role by softening the collagen fibers in fascia, tendons and linea alba, which make these tissues more elastic  and less supportive to your growing uterus.

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A Chinese Medical Approach to Addiction: Unravelling the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Obstacles to Healing

 Chinese Medicine has much to offer in the field of addiction treatment.  The most well known acupuncture therapy for the treatment of addiction is called the NADA protocol (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association), which approaches the acupuncture treatment of addiction from a very Western Medical perspective.  It utilizes the same five auricular (ear) acupuncture points for every patient, and has been found to be quite effective in helping addicts develop sobriety.  Although this model is quite effective, it does not take into consideration the theoretical basi

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