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Pumpkins for the face and body!

What’s so great about pumpkin?
I hardly need an explanation for the delicious fall phenomenon. I love this season and have a very natural draw to all things pumpkin. Pie, smoothies, bread, pancakes, curry, stew, soup, jack-o-lanterns, skin treatments... And when the autumn pumpkin spa products and treatments come out, I’m right there.

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Enhancing Fertility with a Chinese Medical Approach of Acupuncture

    The inability to conceive can be a very frustrating and emotionally draining experience for both women and men.  It is all the more frustrating when conventional western medicine offers no cure or explanation as to why one is unable to conceive.  Luckily, Chinese Medicine has a long history of success with fertility issues, for both women and men, even in cases when there is no apparent cause detected by western medical diagnosis.  Chinese

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Cupping: Listed as One of the Falls Hottest Treatments for 2011

So we can all agree that acupuncture and massage are awesome tools for dealing with chronic pain.  However, did you know that this odd looking treatment not only feels amazing, but can be part of the solution for many to rid their lives of nagging aches and pains?

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