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"Mommy & Me" Spa Services to Celebrate Mother's Day in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing is launching our NEW "Mommy & Me" Spa Services to celebrate Mother's Day!

This year Moms in Pittsburgh can celebrate Mother's Day relaxing by herself or with a Tranquil "Mommy & Me" Spa Treatment!  Designed for Moms and Kids to enjoy side by side because the health benefits of massage and reflexology aren't just for grown ups! 

While we can always customize a session from any of our existing award winning services here are a few new ideas sure to please moms & kids:

Chocolate Mint Indulgence

Orange Vanilla Dreamsicle

Lavender & Chamomile Sweet Dreams

All Mommy & Me sessions are designed to be 45 minutes and include an aromatherapy foot soak & scrub, calming scalp massage, and relaxing hand and foot massage incorporating health boosting reflexology. $120 (price includes treatment for Mom & Child)

*Sessions can be lengthened if age appropriate.

Call Now to Schedule (412)242-4220

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Without Child - an Inspirational New Blog about Fertility and Women's Health


I'd like to introduce everyone to a wonderful new blog that I am part of that has inspirational posts about Fertility and Women's Health, Without Child

"Just because you are without child does not mean that you are without choice, without love, or without hope.

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When Life Turns Upside Down and Inside Out- A Journey of Living and Healing with Crohn's Disease



As some of you know I recently had surgery, and have been out of the office for a few weeks.  It has been a challenging journey of ups and downs, surrendering to being human, and learning about my needs from the literal inside out. 

I debated including any part of this journey in the email, but trusting in my heart that what I consciously learn during times like these will help others I've decided to share.  
To be open to the ups and downs of being human and the self-forgiveness of imperfection along the way will hopefully touch someone else just as each of your generosity of sharing in the office does for me.

So, before I talk about now, let me side bar and say, for those of you who don’t already know I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 1999 after an emergency bowel resection that happened after my colon ruptured.  Yup, ruptured.  Leaving me paralyzed from the sepsis in my body until skilled surgeons were able to clean up the mess of years of undiagnosed symptoms and pain.

During the month that I was in the hospital with complication after complication I had one of my most spiritual experiences that has led me to where I am today.  At that point in life I can humbly say that I was on, to say it lightly, not such a great path.  While I knew that I wanted to be a Massage Therapist, my life was definitely more on the path of drowning my emotions and numbing my experiences than opening my heart and consciously exploring the true experience of joy that this life has to offer.  And, it was during this 30 days that everything first changed.  I have the conscious memory of choosing to live.  I knew with every fiber in my being that if I decided that I wanted to be done with this life that that was certainly an option.  Luckily for me “something” gave me a glimpse of two other options, and needless to say I chose the more positive of the two that included opening this very center, and all of the joy and ease of life that I could open to.  This being the reason why I share this part of the story with you.  Often I am asked about the fact that I opened PCCHH at only 26, and this story is the raw, real, unedited truth.  I had such a fuel, a gift of knowing from within what I wanted to do with this life, and I thank you all for helping me come so far.

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Do You Believe?


Recently I visited Walt Disney World. While looking at all the amazing sights and wonders I start thinking about what can be created by believing. While I was there, I saw a quote it read, “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”  The person that said this was Walt Disney the creator of what we now know as Disney. Walt Disney was a man that believed in his ideas and in his dreams, and created some might say a wonderland for the child within us all. He turned dreams into characters and places. He created joy, wonder, and amazement because he believed.

It’s amazing what can happen when you believe.

If I asked you, “Do you believe in yourself?” What would you say? Some of you might immediately say, “Sure”, and some of you might stop and say, “I don’t know…” There is no wrong or right answer. What is important is that you have a desire to believe!

Do you know any of these to be true about yourself?

  • You are unhappy with any area of your life
  • You are unhappy with anyone around you
  • You would like to accomplish something
  • You need to overcome a challenge
  • You are having difficulty accepting things out of your control
  • You feel within you there is something more
  • You would like to help people
  • You exist - that's right, believe in yourself because you exist

If you said yes to any of these statements you would be a great person to try Cellular Expansion and Healing.  You can set your intention to work on believing and move through the issues you are presently having in life.

As Walt Disney said best, “Think, Believe, Dream, and Dare.” What are you waiting for?


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