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Can Massage Help You in Math?

The answer is YES!

Even I was a bit surprised when I heard this one.  While we have known for years that massage helps with stress, anxiety & depression, the thought of getting up from a massage and then doing math was never a thought that even crossed my mind until last year when I learned of this interesting study.  The Touch Research Institute conducted a study with 26 individuals and the results are so intriguing.  Not only did massage help in the ways that we could have all guessed, but it increased alertness, as well as speed and acuracy in math computations! Read more here about the study details. I don't know about you, but when I was in school I would have loved a massage to help me!  Maybe I'll try it next time I need to do my book keeping!

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The Secret is Out: We All Get Stressed!

So many of you might have heard I recently got married.  Which as joyous and exciting as it was, it was a lot of stress leading up to the big day? Which got me thinking, how do I deal with stress? And what really helps.

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