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Holiday Offers from the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing!

Looking for the perfect gift to give your loved ones?  Click Here to Give the Gift of Relaxation with a Gift Certificate for a Relaxing Massage or Spa Treatment!

To celebrate this holiday season, Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing, honored as Pittsburgh's Best Spa and Best Massage, is offering you the chance to WIN a YEAR of FREE MASSAGE!  Yes, you read was such a hit for the last few years that we are doing it again!

This holiday season we are offering a special deal that will last from Wednesday, November 27th-Thursday, December 26th, 2013.

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Stress Statistics


A recent study from the, American Psychological Association, American Institute of Stress, NY, states that:
  1. 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress
  2. 73% Regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress
  3. 54% of people said stress has caused them to fight with people close to them
  4. 48% Percent who say stress has a negative impact on their personal and professional life 
The people cited reported symptoms of:
  1. Fatigue    
  2. Headache    
  3. Upset stomach    
  4. Muscle tension    
  5. Change in appetite    
  6. Teeth grinding    
  7. Change in sex drive
  8. Feeling dizzy
  9. Irritability or anger
  10. Feeling nervous   
  11. Lack of energy    
  12. Feeling as though you could cry

    Where is the holiday joy when this is how you are feeling?

Let Us Help!

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Foot Reflexology


Foot reflexology is a holistic healing method involving massage and pressure of the reflex points found on the feet. In the context of reflexology, reflex is used in the sense of reflection, or mirror image.  These reflexes are found on the soles, sides, and tops of the feet and act like small “mirrors” reflecting the whole body. The left foot represents the left side of the body and the right foot represents the right side of the body.  Reflexology teaches that a vital energy or life force circulates between the organs of the body. If this energy becomes blocked it affects the part of the body related to where the blockage is found.

The therapist will use specific pressure techniques to find areas that seem to be “gritty” or “bumpy” often referred to as crystal deposits. In some cases the client may feel some tenderness or discomfort in an area that has a blockage. Blockages can have many causes such as stress, bad diet, a broken relationship, not enough rest, or a lifestyle change that is no longer beneficial. The therapist will use techniques to help dissipate energy blocks and break down crystalline structure. It is able to remove energy blocks so the energy currents flow freely once more and the body returns to harmony. Through stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and by encouraging the release of toxins, reflexology promotes the body to heal itself.  Reflexology is an extremely effective therapy in cases of stress, tension and tiredness. It is often used to complement other treatments when addressing conditions like anxiety, headaches, PMS, cancer treatment, kidney function, fertility complications and many more.

Try our seasonal Pumpkin Spice Reflexology or the traditional Peppermint treatment. They both begin with a soothing foot soak enhanced with mineral salts from the Dead Sea, appropriate essential oils and a sensational foot scrub to remove the dead skin cells. At the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing, we also offer a Head to Toe treatment that combines reflexology with massage for the ultimate in relaxation!

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The Art of a Customized Massage

I've been a massage therapist for over a decade and a lot of my techniques have become second nature. I can easily find myself weaving through different modalities in a single session. I may start a normal Swedish massage off simple enough and before I know it I've found that their back needed the forearm work of Lomi Lomi, their feet begged for reflexology and their energy needed Reiki's loving touch. It's what I love about our customized massage at PCCHH, it truly is customized. I love the time I get to spend with my clients beforehand, just asking them "how are you"...and then really listening to their response. In this space it's not just a question asked for pleasantries but a real, sometimes heavy question. The reward of someone's genuine appreciation of being heard is just one of many bonuses in this job.
So we talk. As we go over the intake and they update me on any pertinent information they want to disclose we start to form a "game plan" for the session. I'm always surprised and happy how open my clients are to trying different techniques. They may never have heard of lymphatic drainage but when I explain that it may help with the edema of a recent surgery they are almost always on board. I often hear from clients that we (the massage community) are filling a need left by a medical field that has chosen to cut nurturing to a minimum. I am humbled and proud to be filling that void and yet still hope that that changes. That we will come full circle and see that the power of a nurturing touch should never be left out of any healing institutions. I really love this quote I found making the rounds on the internet. I thought it perfectly sums up the work I strive to do, on a good day I leave feeling like an artist.

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Debunking a Few of the Misleading Claims on Food Labels

Grocery shopping with my mom was always a painfully long event when I was growing up.  My mother scrutinized every label before an item was plunked into the cart.  As annoying as this was at the time I eventually grew to appreciate how smart it was and what a great service she was doing for our family by being an educated food consumer.  I too am a label reader, much to my five year old son's dismay, and gratefully.

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Healing Through Art


As a great artist, Pablo Picasso, once said," Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." I have always held this quote very close to my heart and have taken the advice and used it throughout many of life's great challenges.

Recently, I experienced a great loss in my life. It turned my world on its side and had left a great emptiness in my heart. As I reflect on what has helped me get through this time, it brought me back to my love of art. The arts allows people to heal and express what they might not be able to put into words. It allows our brains to be free from the anxiety, over thinking, depression, or the after math of personal trauma.

Whether you are suffering from a failed relationship, the loss of a parent or friend, suffered a miscarriage, lost your job, suffer from chronic health or mental health problems, or have experienced trauma, art can help you. It's not about having talent it's about connecting with your soul and breaking away from the emotional and mental over stimulation that chains us in times of suffering.
Art therapy can take many forms. You may enjoy painting, drawing, collage, scrapbooking, knitting, dance, music, theatre, poetry, and so on.... Whatever your heart desires. What is important is that you express yourself and allow yourself to do something creative to empower your heart to heal.

You may say, "This is silly, or I am horrible at art", but the reality is once you give yourself the permission to just reach inside yourself find an emotion and put it out there, you not only will feel an emotional release, but you will realize your inner artist is within you. So go ahead wash the dust of everyday life away.

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