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Who's Pregnant?

Amy & Rebecca are having babys!

It's been a busy baby year here at PCCHH! First Chris had his second, then Kate, and now Amy and Rebecca! This makes 9 babies who have been born to a PCCHH team member! I guess that is what happens when you specialize in Fertility work!

So what does this mean?

They are both winding down with work and ramping up on their nesting. 

Amy is working to train our new Spa Manager, Sheila, through her last weeks here. Amy is hoping to be at PCCHH until the end of October when she is going to start her new position as a stay at home momma! If you like to see Amy for Cellular sessions call soon. But don't worry I am sure she will make a guest appearance at PCCHH now and again. 
Amy is due 11/19 and says that meditation and talking to the baby, naps and massage are what are helping her to relax.

Rebecca is down to just one or two sessions on her days left before maternitiy leave.  Though her return date is unknown we look forward to having Becca return part time once her and her family are settled.  She is due on 11/14 and says that swimming and reading are what have helped her to relax during this pregancy.  Read more from Becca


And for those of you who have asked about Kate, yes, she had her little girl and they are enjoying their time bonding together at home!

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Pregancy Massage from a Pittsburgh Massage Therapist


So I'm starting to reach the beached whale phase. This comes after the 'sick as a dog' phase and before the 'get this baby out' phase. That puts me at around 30 weeks along. Ok, I'll admit I did have a nice solid month of cute baby bump, feeling good. That's the month you take all your preggy pictures :)
While on vacation I booked a couples massage for my husband and I.  Mine, of course, being a prenatal massage (yes, massage therapist like to be pampered too!) I was a little apprehensive because I am also a bit of a massage snob and like to be worked on by caring therapist I know (as in my talented co-workers). It ended up being a great experience and we both enjoyed our massage but it got me thinking about how and why pregnant mommas might shy away from getting a pregnancy massage.
I always felt prenatal massage was one of the most rewarding, but to be honest, trickier massages to give. An ever changing time for the client, it is really important for the therapist to be present and aware of the comfort level given. Clients should know it is more than ok to say they're too hot, too cold, uncomfortable in a certain position, or "please, more pillows!" I often have clients say, "Can I take you home for the rest of the pregnancy?!" And this is the rewarding part I mentioned above. My favorite part though would have to be, after navigating through and finding the sweet spot of comfort and relaxation for my client the often experienced connection with the baby they have for that precious hour or so (the baby often gives a kick of gratitude when doing belly work). A little rest and connection to the little one about to come in to the world can sometimes make getting through the "phases of pregnancy" a little easier for my clients, and that is no small feat.
One phase I'll be starting soon is my maternity leave. I'm grateful to my clients and their patience as my baby bump starts to literally come between us, lol. It's bittersweet (thanks, hormones) the excitement to meet my little one but saying goodbye for now (I'll be back I promise!) to my awesome clients, quite a few who I've seen regularly since I started over four years ago at PCCHH. I feel truly blessed at witnessing some amazing transformations all through the power of touch. Thank you for allowing me to work and grow as a therapist through all of your openness. Ok, instead of more hormonal rambling I'll end with some tips for a great prenatal massage experience!


Pregnancy Massage 101:
*Speak up! A therapist will never be offended if you need something to be more comfortable.
*Be open! Prenatal massage is slightly more interactive, you will be in different positions than a normal massage, (side lying, wedge pillows, etc..)
*Yes it's ok to say you need to take a bathroom break mid massage, we understand :)
*You can say if you feel okay or not having your stomach massaged, but before you are quick to decline, there are a lot of benefits to it including some relief on your diaphragm (think breathing easier, hallelujah!)
Lastly, enjoy the won't be pregnant forever (really!) and you just might miss those kicks to the bladder when they're gone.

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