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A Fourth Dimension in Body Assesment

Body reading, in relation to structural integration, has been for me the most difficult aspect of of being a bodyworker. Upon graduation from the Structural Integration Institute, I knew I needed more time and education in understanding how to read tissue imbalances. A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Boston for a three day work shop in exactly what I felt my practice needed. To my surprise it was much more than I had anticipated. It added a fourth dimension to the visual assessment by applying [functional] movement. What I learned creates a dynamic aspect to my sessions. I now have the ability to test an idea or an observation by putting the client (you) in a limited/ controlled state of motion. I can also work on (you) in a standing position off of the table. This is a key aspect for me because body reading has, up until now, equaled hands off time. Now, time off table equals functional dynamic myofascial unwinding. I started applying these techniques immediately following my return with positive feedback. I am going to need a lot of practice to hone this technique, so I look forward to seeing all of you out of your pain bodies in the near future.

Thanks to all of you that have already given me the opportunity to become the best therapist I can be. Every-body counts.

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