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4 Step Coffee Body Scrub Recipe

Here at Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing we love scrubs and today we are making a coffee scrub!  Scrubbing is fantastic for exfoliating the skin.  Coffee scrubs specifically are great for tightening and for better skin health overall.  In the winter time we especially love to use coffee scrubs our shins that often become so dry! 


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When some people hear the word medicine, they think of little orange plastic adults-only rattles filled with various pharmaceutical drugs. This is the impression we are given on how to get well from the moment we are born: a quick treatment for every symptom, until the suppressed symptoms pile up and damage the entire system. This was the point of view I carried for a long time, and it still whispers in my ear when a symptom I've not had before sneaks up on me. And though I see the importance of western medicine, I have seen the truth of human care, and it's a bit different

Medicine is not a pill. Medicine is a way of living, a way of being.

Medicine means examining yourself, getting to know your physiology, your psychology, and learning how to nourish it deeply. With food and clean water and sleep and good thoughts. Medicine is feeling and learning your body's sacred language, and responding accordingly. Treating physical aches and pains first with movement or rest and touch. Nurturing a frazzled system with tonics and tea and tenderness. It means knowing your roots, your ancestry and how that affects your chemistry. It means forming a relationship with your ancestors, whether they are living or have passed on; learning of their lives and feeling their experiences in your bones. It means taking a look at your story, your life, turning over stones and looking at the creatures that live there, even if they're unpleasant. It's finding the usefulness and beauty in those darker, damper, more earthy areas of your being. Its curing relational tension with understanding, honesty, forgiveness, and love. It's taking space for yourself when overwhelmed, or surrounding yourself with love when depleted. Telling people what you need. Medicine is saying the hard things, and making the hard decisions, and then the easy ones. Medicine is dancing and singing and crying and screaming when that's what your body needs. Its being vulnerable and open. It's seeking and reveling in pleasure, but not distracting yourself from pain. Medicine is loving each person as the distant relative that they are. Loving them fiercely or harshly or tenderly and warm. And extending the same to yourself. It's filling your cup and letting it overflow for the benefit of others. It's taking care of our many homes: our body, our dwelling, our community, and our Mother Earth. It's ensuring a healthy future for the generations to follow.
Being human requires listening and paying deep attention. It requires work that we have not been taught in modern times. It's simple and intuitive, but has been discarded and buried. Fortunately for us, it is buried within the fabric of our existence.
Medicine is deep and empowering. You are made of medicine. You are medicine. Empower yourself, take care of yourself and you will inevitably help heal the world.

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