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A Time for Me

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet?    And, how’s that going for you?


For some reason we feel as if the new year means that we have to turn over a new leaf, completely reinvent ourselves, as if the arrival of the New Year will magically provide the motivation for extreme change. This extreme pressure to change is often tossed by the wayside in short order, leaving us with a feeling of failure.

 My recommendation to you for this New Year is instead of radical and extreme external change, delve into your inner divine being for a little internal passive change. This will equally feed you need for change and help you to feel more fulfilled as a whole. Below are a few practices and daily mantras to help guide you and help you to accept who you are in this present moment.

 I will…

  • be kinder and more gentle
  • be generous and charitable
  • practice tolerance
  • be environmentally responsible
  • be fiscally responsible
  • be honest and faithful
  • be helpful and available
  • see simplicity
  • let my passion flow
  • practice joy and forgiveness freely


I hope you look forward to your journey towards physical and emotional well-being and the celebration of life!


Well Wishes,


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Make Play a Priority in 2017

New Year, New You!

As I ring in 2017, I want to consciously create more play into my experiences. Consider... if you were to look at your future through a lens of curiosity and brought in the elements of pleasure and play, what effect would that have on you being in the universal flow? How would that effect your health?

Recently, I had the experience of having a "paint night" with a friend of mine. We got our paper, brushes, paints and all the supplies to make our masterpieces. We put on music to get us into the mood and danced a little as we set up. I wish I could say that it turned out to be a masterpiece that I had imagined it would going into it, but the opposite is true. I had a limited amount of time to paint because I also had to be at a dinner later that night. I could feel the annoyance of the time constraint and wanting my painting to look a certain way. The thing that shocked me was that all of the clarity that came to me just from the act of painting after I let the pressure of doing it right go. The picking out of the paint colors, the size of the brushes and the speed of the strokes that brought so much joy and fun to me no matter how the picture turned out. I put aside the idea that it had to be perfect and immersed myself in the process of enjoying the moment and letting whatever needed to come out onto the paper, flow out.

Imagine if we all decided to set the to-do lists aside and consciously scheduled more play into our lives?

Some of the things I am going to tackle this year that bring me pleasure are knitting with big, fluffy yarn, making pottery on the wheel,  and walking meditations. Ask yourself what things you could create that bring you joy?

What gets in the way of you carrying out the things that you want to do? Are you making up excuses that get in the way of you following through with them? It can be easy to put these things on the back burner but take a moment to see how it makes you feel.

Clear time on your schedule to make play a priority. See what comes up for you as you do these activities and notice how you feel after. Let me know how it goes!

Happy creating!


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