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Move Out of Your Mind and Into Your Mantra

My mind is racing….. I can’t relax…. I was told to meditate but all I can do is think about my to do list and how I have to remember xyz.

Does this sound like you? Then maybe you need a mantra.

What is a Mantra, you ask?

A Mantra is a word(s) or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

Our minds our wonderful gifts and are very useful tools to sort, memorize, and learn, but they were never meant to be the only part of us that we can hear. So it’s time that we learn to reconnect with our souls and slow things down, and this is where a mantra comes in. Repeating a mantra gives our brains a job, and they really like having a job and it gives the rest of our body and souls space to speak up and be.

So close your eyes, set an intention, connect with your breathe, and repeat your mantra as you begin to meditate. If your mind tries to step back in, repeat your mantra again.

So whether you need to calm yourself down, give yourself a pep talk, or just need to calm your mind, turn to a mantra. Here are just a few for you to start with:

I am beautiful.

I am strong.

I can create.

I am fearless.

There is no one like me.

There are no wrong decisions.

Everything I need is within me.

Peace and ease are within.

I am fully supported.

I attract what I need.

I create the world I desire.

Peace. Love. Joy. That is who I am.

Next time your mind races and you can’t calm your mind, give it a mantra.

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Stress Free Things To Do In Pittsburgh

Got Stress?
Eliminate your Busy- ness
Eliminate Excess and cast out Duress
Decompress-Experience Happiness!

Stress free things to do in Pittsburgh and all year round:

*Smile a lot, Laugh More
*Be Grateful
*Forgive Yourself
*Savor Quietude
*Consciously Breathe
*Listen to the Rain
*Amaze yourself with the Beauty and Simplicity of Nature
*Clean out your social media accounts- seriously!
*Dance with yourself or with others
*Experience uninhibited movement
*Get a massage!

Peace, Love, and Relax ✌❤

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