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Bodywork for More Than the Physical Body

Suicide. Even the word shakes me to my core. Not only because I have lost loved ones in this tragic way in the past, but I think because it reminds me of how fragile life itself is. The recent tragic deaths in the media over the past week have raised more awareness and topics of conversation around suicide and mental health. It’s had me take pause and sit back thinking about how I was raised in a society that shunned ever showing emotion that could be considered anything other than positive, anything that wouldn’t be seen as being a “good” girl, and the emphasis was on always putting on a good front. It’s something that I think has a whole new depth for people now with social media painting a persona that may or may not be real for others to compare themselves to. But why are we comparing ourselves. We are all human and experiencing a range of emotions is a beautiful, messy, enjoyable, and yes, sometimes very painful part of the experience. The emotional body is not one to be ignored or something that we should be ashamed of. We all know sadness, just as we all know joy. One is not right and one is not wrong. They are both part of he experience that connects us all. And for some the emotional body and mental body may experience imbalance just like the physical body. All of which require care.

Reflecting on the emotional body I am reminded about the depth of hands on bodywork and energy work here at PCCHH. Not only for our clients, but for myself personally. It isn’t just from studying that I have such a passion for what we offer, it is because of the personal transformation that I have experienced myself and seen first hand in others. The energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing has transformed places of grief and trauma that talk therapy alone could only ever scratch the surface of. By receiving sessions I not only have found more peace, but I no longer react from these old places in my history. Instead I can be in the moment to be present and enjoy life around me rather than coming from a place of fear, anger and reactivity. I can also say that receiving massage from a mindful and compassionate massage therapist, like those here at PCCHH, has taught me ways to put my guard down for my emotions to be present rather than trying desperately to stuff them inside. I whole heartedly see what we offer as more than just “body” work. It is essential care for the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body all rolled into one.

As practitioners, and as fellow human beings. We get it. We are here for you. And we see our service as a place of oneness. We may just be a few steps ahead on the path of healing, able to guide a light for you to transform and find a place of peace as well.

“Cellular Expansion and Healing has allowed me to release anxiety and depression. The work has allowed me to shift emotional baggage in ways no other work has ever been able to.” Amy

I don’t want to come from a new age place of making you believe that emotions will no longer exist. They will. You will just have a path of more ease when the emotions arise. Bodywork is as though a dear friend is holding your stress away from you for a while, so that you can take your next breath, and realign with your soul.

You are not alone. We are here.

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