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Pregnancy Massage Nurtures Body, Mind and Spirit

Imagine… a comfortable, supportive place to lay and relax, embraced by fluffy pillows, dim lights, soft music, candles and someone paying full attention to nurturing you and your baby’s needs.
Pregnancy puts a woman through a tremendous amount of stress from the physical and emotional changes that are a natural part of pregnancy, delivery, and becoming “mommy”. Pregnancy massage supports mothers along their journey before and after childbirth as they physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually surrender to the transformation of bringing a life into the world.
For the expectant mother-to-be, receiving a pregnancy massage can provide her with a safe, quiet space to receive gentle support for a healthy pregnancy body, mind, and spirit.

During pregnancy a woman’s body is structurally changing so rapidly that it is a challenge for her muscles to keep up without creating tension and strain. As the pregnancy progresses, a mother is faced with a variety of physical challenges that can be overwhelming such as; low back pain, sciatica, swelling, sinus pressure, pressure on the ribs, shortness of breath and general fatigue to name a few. All of these changes make it hard for her to keep up with her daily life, responsibilities, and perhaps other children. Pregnancy massage aims to help women become more accepting and aware of their bodies, reduce discomforts and pain, and thus better prepare them for labor.

On top of all of the physical changes that women are going through, they are also on a wild ride of hormones to accompany the stresses and joys of the unknown associated with bringing a new life into the world. Mothers-to-be experience emotions that range from ecstatic to terrified. Studies from the Touch Research Institute show that women who receive massage during their pregnancy have decreased anxiety and stress hormones during their pregnancy. In addition to the hormonal changes that women experience during pregnancy, they are also faced with an increase in fatigue especially in the first twelve weeks and towards the end of pregnancy from the extra demands on their bodies. Everyone knows that when you are tired, pregnant or not, you become more emotional. By aiding in relaxation and easing insomnia, pregnancy massage helps women to reduce fatigue, feel more rested, and reduce the stress for herself and her baby.

New life being created within the mother’s womb can be one of the most powerful experiences of a woman’s life. You realize that your world will never be exactly the same and that from this point on you will never be alone. This beautiful baby growing in your belly is forever bonded with you in an intimate way that is unique to the two of you. Pregnancy massage gives women the opportunity to become still and quiet, even if your little one is kicking your ribs, so that you can center and connect with who you are becoming on a deeper level. Women are ambushed by responsibilities of daily life. Juggling careers, families, and being a woman often does not leave a lot of time for women to acknowledge themselves and all that their body is doing to create this new life inside of them. During a pregnancy massage, a conscious and respectful touch helps to guide the mother-to-be to go inside and connect with all that is unfolding in her world and in her body. It can assist in helping mothers to open their hearts and fully embrace themselves and all that is evolving in the world around them.
Women who are interested in receiving massage during their pregnancy should be sure that they choose to see a qualified massage therapist who is aware of contraindications and trained specifically in pregnancy massage.

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