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Enter to Win a Free Massage in a Summer Time Relaxation Contest with Plumbmedia!

We are having some extra fun in the final days of summer by teaming up with the creative geniuses of one of the coolest Pittsburgh based companies we know, Plumb Media!  

And who is Plumb Media you ask, they are not only the masterminds behind all things beautiful that you see on the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing's website, blog, and new business cards, but they are also the ones giving one of you a one hour massage! (I told you they were cool!) 

Yes, that's right Plumb Media is the brains behind the Summertime Contest for Opulent Relaxation for their first facebook contest, and they are giving away a free massage to the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing, voted best spa 2009!    

To enter this contest, answer our question: "HOW DO YOU LOVE TO RELAX?"  

Each of the following actions will earn you an entry into the drawing for a massage.

*E-mail them at all the ways you have entered so we are sure to have them.

  • Comment on PCCHH's blog post about this contest (Yup, that's right, just comment on this blog, how much easier can it get!)
  • Comment on their Facebook Page
  • Tweet about this contest.
  • Share with your Facebook friends by posting on your facebook wall.
  • Blog about this contest.

All entries must be received by Sunday, August 22th at 12:00 a.m.  They will be drawing a winner on Monday morning, August 23th. Good luck! 

And make sure you enter as many ways as possible!  There are no wrong answers so don't be shy!

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When I get time to relax, I relish a chance to sleep, which I am often lacking. A rare nap or getting to sleep in on a Saturday never gets old for me.

Getting a massage!

Relaxation to me is anything water. Whether it's floating in a pool with no-one around, laying by the ocean listening to the waves, watching a waterfall and taking in the crashing sound as it hits below, or a nice, warm bubble bath with candles lit and my favorite drink, ice water. I live for water, sometimes I think I should have been a mermaid.

I relax by having a home cooked meal while watching my favorite tv show with my gf.

I relax by riding on the back of my husband's Harley.

I like to relax by sitting on the beach, watching the waves come in, and listening to the seagulls.

I like to relax by going swimming and lying on a towel on a lounge chair and drinking and nice tall, cold iced tea and relaxing and drifting off to sleep for an hour. Just hearing the sounds of the people playing and swimming in the water lulls me off to dreamland.....

Yoga and massage top my list for relaxation, followed by a close third of loading up the boat and anchoring in the middle of the lake for hours on end on a sunny day. Of course, there is the occasional Sunday afternoon on the couch with my hubby that is always a good way to relax!

first and foremost is my daily yoga practice. not only is it my means of relaxation...but offers so many other wonderful benefits. laying poolside for a few hours with a good book or magazine also ranks up there pretty high....with SPF 50, of course! :-) and taking a break for an hour a day from all things electronic...blackberry, cell phone, iPod, TV...hard to do but once you get in the's easy to stick to.

ahh.. so many ways to relax. a yoga class, a massage, 10 minutes of meditation during a busy work day, a nap on a sunny afternoon, a warm cup of tea in my husband's handmade mugs, a weeding or watering session in the garden, slow perusing at a favorite farmers market, and cooking for hours with all the treasures i find!