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New Spa Menu...We have a Winner!

Well, actually we have about 13 Winners!  

We received so many wonderful ideas for our New Spa Menu Contest that I could not only choose one winner.  Really, I was in bliss just reading all of the entries let alone practicing them! 
Monthly before the holidays we will be announcing new treatments some of which were the ideas of cleaver clients like yourself, or created by an inspiration of one of these entries. 

 I'm REALLY excited for them all and can't wait to share them with you.  I know that you will love them for yourself or for gift ideas for a loved one! So without more delay to start we have:


Pumpkin Spice Foot ReflexologyTreat your tootsies with Pumpkin Foot Reflexology. A soothing treat for the perfect autumn treat, reminiscent of warm pumpkin pie...keep reading  



Honey Citrus Hand & Foot Spa Treatment A revitalizing treatment for the hands and feet to pamper you with the richness of honey & the invigorating scent of Japanese Yuzu...  Keep reading


Red Rock Deep Heat Treatment

This relaxing and therapeutic treatment, designed to gently detoxify and soothe your body, includes a relaxing hand & foot massage followed by an application of warm Red Rock Detox Paraffin Mud, and a hot stone facial treatment...Keep Reading


Couples Side-by-Side Hot Stone Massage Our Couples Hot Stone Side-by-Side Massage is the ultimate bonding experience where you can each leave your worries behind while the grounding heat of mother earth warms you to your core, connecting you with nature and each other...keep reading

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