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Slow Down, Give Yourself Time

I am on the go a lot.  But something I do give myself credit for is being slow sometimes.  The thing that allows me to be slower is that I give myself time. You may call me a putzer. On the days where I can be the putzer that I remember being as a child, life is so much less stressful. Everything goes a lot more smoothly. I think to some people this may sound unrealistic.  But it is not really unrealistic at all.  And it keeps you calmer...which in the end gets things done the right way and in return you feel at ease and less anger arises when something does not go right. Because if you are rushing and have less time, when something doesn't go the way as planned, it is so much more stressful finding a solution than if you had actually given yourself time in the first place.  Think about it... isn't it strange how every time you are driving and you are running late every driver around you seems to be moving too slow? It makes you angry and anxious. It seems every driver around you is a jerk and doesn't know how to drive correctly. If you really took the time to reflect, that mostly occurs when you made the choice to leave the house at the last minute. Every driver out there can't possibly be getting in your way on purpose. Right? Isn't it funny how when you wake up at the last minute you rush around so much that you spill things which take time for cleaning....the coffee seems to take longer when it is brewing and the toaster just isn't toasting your bagel fast enough? That is not a way to start your day. Why not make the habit of setting your alarm a little earlier?  If you are a big time snoozer then set it even earlier. To me, it is worth it.  Getting up a little earlier is nice.  Waking up my daughter is less hectic and sometimes I can even hop into bed and lay with her for a couple of minutes and slowly wake her up.  The battle goes away and there is a calm beginning of the day that you can already feel affecting your mood immediately. It sounds like torture to some people when I tell them what time my daughter and I get up in the morning to get ready for school. But I believe we do not feel as much stress as others getting ready in the morning. She takes time getting out of bed, we take time getting dressed, we can relax and watch cartoons, we eat a full breakfast sitting down, and we putz. The funny thing is, with all of this time, I still sometimes find us rushing right at the very end:)  But I think you get the idea here. Every second after opening my eyes is not a hectic rush..., which I know, can be the case for a lot of people. So for this blog I will simply suggest for your health...give yourself more time in the morning. And then continue this time allowance throughout your day.  Some more examples of what I do for myself so I can be the putzer I was meant to be is I leave for work with an ample amount of time to not feel stressed while driving. Along with a nice drive, I can even find the time to do nice things for other drivers such as letting cars in front of me and other little favors like that. I also give myself more than enough time to be at work before the day gets busy. It is a grounding thing for me. There I can slowly set up the massage room I will be working in that day, chat a little with my co workers and maybe even help them set up and complete anything else that needs done with ease. We work to teach stress relief and to give stress relief and this is one way that I can suggest the reduction of stress that I actually try to do in my life. Of course this is not always the case for me...but it is something that I know from experience, works and feels good and definitely brings me some peace in my life....extra time gives me time to putz without feeling stressed. I love it!  It works really well while hanging out with my family:)  My husband, who is a chill man originally from the south and my seven year old girl are slow movers and it is a good feeling to be on their wavelength:) Good luck with putzing....and remember to be a successful putzer, you must give yourself the time!

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