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Letting go of 2020

This year has been more than any one person can hold.
For many there has been pain, fear, grief, anger, a sense of isolation and sometimes even hopelessness.
But, when we remember that we are always connected.
We are never truly separate from our light within, things become less heavy, less of a burden, less alone.

We take a breathe.
We soften our shoulders and our jaw.
We open.
We invite.
We allow the fullness of who we are to be present.

There are so many things that we can all agree that we hope are different in 2021, but we can not push aside and ignore the depths of ourselves.

I invite you today.

Take 5 minutes for yourself to embrace the stillness. To go within, and start with a place of love as we move forward. Together.

Place your hands on your heart.
Feel this connection where your hands and your body touch.

Enjoy being connected.
And breathe into this place.

Invite all of the heaviness into the place of connection here with your heart and soul.
Letting go.

Invite the energy of love to be present and fill this place inside,
Allowing it to melt,
and soothe every cell.

Feel this energy of love pulse,
through your entire body and soul.

Be here.

Enjoy the decadence.
No rushing.
No pushing.
Just be.

Allow the transformation of this love to grow and ripple from your light extending love all of the way out until it reaches all those who also need it.
You are connected.
You are safe.
You are love.


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