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We are Capable of Exraordinary Talents

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others" -Dalai Lama

   We are infinite beings capable of extraordinary talents. Each individual has something unique and beautiful to share with this world. Where ever our truest and most positive talents lay I feel it is our obligation to express them fully once discovered.

   I always had a passion for healing. It's been a family trade starting with my father who inspired two of my sisters and I to become therapists. The thought of helping people on a daily basis created enough motivation for me to enroll into a massage program in Orlando, Florida. After a few short months into the program I started hearing remarkable feedback. People are saying they have been relieved of their headaches and some can now reach for that dish in the upper cabinet that they could not grab before. I was even hearing in many cases people were no longer feeling that shooting pain from their upper back leg to the bottom of their toes. Halfway through the program I knew I found my unique talent. This is what I wanted to share with the world.

   After 5 years of professional experience I have been licensed in Florida, Colorado, California and now Pennsylvania. It has been a blessing to travel the country and be mentored by highly educated individuals in their preferred modalities. It's a rewarding feeling to me understanding multiple techniques which may help relieve specific muscle pain. I remember to not take pride or consider my self a "miracle worker" by any means. I am merely a practitioner who has studied the science and anatomy behind massage who aids the client to help heal themselves.

   My most unforgettable experiences with massage have been the stories where clients no longer feel the need for drastic surgeries after our sessions. A lot of the time our limited range of motion is due to tightness in specific areas in the body that just need to be released. That knee that has been bothering you for years.. perhaps a misalignment in the body elsewhere is causing the pain which can be worked out through proper massage techniques rather then a trip to the surgery room. In one case a client had left the massage room and forgot to take her cane with her in which she had relied on to walk prior to the session. These stories bring so much joy to me and fill me with unlimited happiness.

   The work flows through me fluently every day and the satisfaction it brings to myself and others is my reminder that I am utilizing my unique talent helping others. My main focus is to continue studying new ways to help recover and aid every person I touch into a more enlightened body via massage therapy.

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Hygge -Warm Your World From the Inside Out

I try, I really try, but I don’t love winter. Never have. The short days and grey skies make me feel so blah.  The frigid cold makes my body tight and achy.  I stay indoors more and see my friends and family less. Yes, I load up on vitamin D and sit in front of a sun lamp, but it’s just not enough to cut through the S.A.D. i endure every year.

Then last winter, a dear friend who has listened to me whine and lament year after year- and happens to be one of those crazy people who actually gets excited about the coming of winter- was convinced I could learn to embrace it too if I prepared properly and got into the right mindset.  She gave me this wonderful little book called How to Hygge, The Nordic Secrets to a Happy Life.  I think there may be hope..

The Nordic countries have long been recognized as some of the the happiest people in the world.  It’s hard to understand how this could be, considering they have to bear longer, darker, colder winters than we do.  Sounds like a nightmare to me.  But necessity is the mother of invention, and in order to survive and thrive in such an extreme climate, they cultivated the custom of Hygge (hoo-guh) which means, basically, the art of getting cozy. 

Rather than allowing winter to be something dreadful, that is out of our control and simply happens to us, Hygge would suggest that we fully embrace the season- whatever season- with special preparations and traditions.  Following are a few of the ones I found most helpful for winter:

-Create a warm and cozy ambiance in your home for the season.  Bring out the furry throw blankets, and the candles and twinkly lights to brighten up the long nights!  We’re burning gingerbread and pumpkin spice candles throughout the house, so not only does it look warm and inviting, it smells amazing when I walk in the door.  If you don’t have a wood burning fireplace, piñon incense will give your home that campfire smell.

-Indulge a little.  Focus first on simple, natural foods to nourish your body. Cook up a delicious pot of soup or chili.  Then spend some time baking something a little decadent.  It’ll warm up the house and make it smell so inviting...  and then share!

-Get together! It’s so easy to isolate once the weather gets rough, but we need to stay connected to the ones we love.  Have a dinner party, potluck style or invite people over for a board game night.  Rotate houses throughout the season.. Conviviality makes the heart happy.

-Cozy up your wardrobe.  Bring out the wooly socks and sweaters, the puffy coats, hats and scarves.... Make sure your wardrobe has everything you need to stay warm even on the most frigid days.  I know that this seems like common sense, but I took a good look at how I dress myself last winter and realized that i was often a layer or item short and I would end up cold and miserable if I were out for longer than 30 mins.  Pile on the layers and fend off the chill.

-Now that you're dressed warm, get outside!  Take a walk in a park or go ice skating.  Being out in nature has a slew of positive benefits on our bodies and our psyches.  It’s so important to move and stay active, to take in some fresh air and unfiltered sunlight, even during the coldest months.  It may not be lush and green, but the winter landscape has its own special, quiet beauty. My son and I like to identify the animal tracks we find in the snow and name the winter birds we see along our walks in Frick Park.

So go get your Hygge on this year.  Open your heart to the season and warm your world from the inside out.


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What Kids Have Taught me about Yoga, Mindfulness and Beyond

As adults, we often find it difficult to let go and relax. We know it's important to de-stress and yet unless we schedule relaxation into our schedules, it rarely is treated as a priority. Admitting this fact can be quite liberating. Choosing a time to dedicate oneself toward "recharging the batteries" can be a wonderful place to begin. Perhaps this is why so many people find attendance of regular yoga classes to be so beneficial. I certainly have found this to be true. The mat provides a safe space to learn how to move and breathe and heal my body, through repetition, commitment, patience and curiosity. Doing yoga with others teaches me playfulness, humility and the joy of communion.

I have witnessed many wonderful practitioners of yoga since I began my studies, and yet, I must admit that children are by far my greatest inspiration. During a kids yoga class, we explore mindfulness, sound exploration, animal shapes, traditional poses, storytelling, poetry, partner poses and group games. We discuss important topics like friendship and kindness and explore how these principles feel in our bodies. Children love how the poses make them feel and are given lots of space to create a safe haven on their mats.

Each child brings a unique world to their yoga practice. Downward facing dog is guaranteed to look different for every child. I may ask the class to demonstrate how an alligator moves. Every child will have their own take on how it would feel to be this creature. And herein lies the beauty: everyone is right! For children, play becomes more important than the outer appearance of a yoga posture. Teaching kids yoga has taught me the importance of approaching my practice from the inside out.

Here are just a few yoga pointers and observations that my young friends have to share with you:

-Stretching makes my body smile!

-Doing yoga means that you can be a mermaid, dolphin and a flying bird!

-When I imagine I am a mountain, my body feels strong, heavy and relaxed.

-Sometimes I want to have quiet time on my mat.

-I could see my friend's breath moving in and out and it was really cool!

-I do yoga all the time. You can even do yoga in the grocery store!

-Counting five breaths helps me to feel more calm.

-I like to do Star Wars yoga!

The next time you have 15 minutes to spare, ask a child in your life to share a yoga practice. Surely it will be wonderfully creative and unlike any class you have ever attended! 


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Stress Free Things To Do In Pittsburgh

Got Stress?
Eliminate your Busy- ness
Eliminate Excess and cast out Duress
Decompress-Experience Happiness!

Stress free things to do in Pittsburgh and all year round:

*Smile a lot, Laugh More
*Be Grateful
*Forgive Yourself
*Savor Quietude
*Consciously Breathe
*Listen to the Rain
*Amaze yourself with the Beauty and Simplicity of Nature
*Clean out your social media accounts- seriously!
*Dance with yourself or with others
*Experience uninhibited movement
*Get a massage!

Peace, Love, and Relax ✌❤

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Move Out of Your Mind and Into Your Mantra

My mind is racing….. I can’t relax…. I was told to meditate but all I can do is think about my to do list and how I have to remember xyz.

Does this sound like you? Then maybe you need a mantra.

What is a Mantra, you ask?

A Mantra is a word(s) or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

Our minds our wonderful gifts and are very useful tools to sort, memorize, and learn, but they were never meant to be the only part of us that we can hear. So it’s time that we learn to reconnect with our souls and slow things down, and this is where a mantra comes in. Repeating a mantra gives our brains a job, and they really like having a job and it gives the rest of our body and souls space to speak up and be.

So close your eyes, set an intention, connect with your breathe, and repeat your mantra as you begin to meditate. If your mind tries to step back in, repeat your mantra again.

So whether you need to calm yourself down, give yourself a pep talk, or just need to calm your mind, turn to a mantra. Here are just a few for you to start with:

I am beautiful.

I am strong.

I can create.

I am fearless.

There is no one like me.

There are no wrong decisions.

Everything I need is within me.

Peace and ease are within.

I am fully supported.

I attract what I need.

I create the world I desire.

Peace. Love. Joy. That is who I am.

Next time your mind races and you can’t calm your mind, give it a mantra.

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