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'Tis the Season for Spa..ahhhhh


Holiday Gift Cards & Gift Certificates are available at the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing, Pittsburgh's Best Massage and Best Wellness Spa!

This year give your loved ones what they would really like, some much needed peace & relaxation! Our gift cards and printable gift certificates make it easy and stress free!

We pride ourselves on details to make sure that we take special care of each and every client who walks in our door for a massage or spa treatment, so you know your loved one will be in good hands...literally!

Click Here to Instantly Purchase a Gift Certificate!


PLUS IS IT BETTER TO GIVE OR RECEIVE... Each person who purchases a holiday gift card or instant online gift certificate for a relaxing massage or spa treatment for their loved one to the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing, will ALSO receive a "mystery gift" right back from us, There will be "mystery gifts" such as:

    $5 off-$50 off massage coupons
    Free massages
    Free products
    Product discounts
    Free massage add-ons
    and more great surprises!

Peace and Light for You and Your Family this Holiday Season, We appreciate your business, and remember, we make it easy for you with the ability to print online gift certificates at

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Holiday Shopping Night with PCCHH


Take the Stress Out of Holiday Shopping &
Join Us December 12th for:
An Evening of Relaxation, Celebration & Shopping!  


When: December 12th, 2015 from 5pm-8:30pm
Join us for a fun evening of:

  • Free Self Massage Education
  • Free Chair Massage
  • Gift Card Sales and Educational Info from Harmony Pilates Studio
  • Special Juice and Pre-Holiday Detox offerings from Salud Juicery
  • Special Jewelry Sales from Local Artist Mala Shah Design
  • Book signing and sales from Rebecca Gilbert founder of Yummy Plants website and author of "It's Easy to Start Eating Vegan"
  • Light refreshments
  • Discounts and Sales on PCCHH products and services *With special gift packaging for all product sales*
  • Giveaways!

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PCCHH Holiday Hours of Operation

Year End Special Hours, Events & Alerts
Special Hours Events for the
Holiday Season!
  • Thanksgiving Day: Closed

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Immune Support for Winter time


With old man winter knocking on our door, we are eager to prepare for the months ahead. Winter, also known as cold and flu season, often gets a bad reputation. However, winter itself isn't the culprit for the higher risk of illness that often follows. Truly it's a combination of the colder weather driving us indoors into closer quarters with one another which increases our exposure to those that are ill. This factor coupled with our body's efforts to keep us warm utilizing more of our energy resources than normal, leaves our immune system vulnerable.

Well gee Sheila what can I do about it, you ask?
Well I am happy to share a few of my favorite fall/winter immune boosters.

Keep proper nutrients in your diet:

Now that all of those fresh delicious garden veggies and farmers markets are gone until next summer it's time to focus on fall and winter fruits and veggies.Root vegetables such as parsnips, carrots, and turnips are now coming into their natural season. Make some homemade veggie soup and include some of these "fall and winter" veggies to be sure you are still getting your proper servings of vegetables and the valuable nutrition that you need. A great resource guide I like to use is called "Staying Healthy with the Seasons" by Elson M. Haas.  It's an excellent guide to using available seasonal resources to our greatest benefit and a nice reminder that although you can buy a tomato in January that doesn't mean you will be receiving the same nutritional value as a tomato that you would eat during it's natural harvest time of July and August.

Another quick and easy immune support  (albeit a mildly unpleasant one) is utilizing alternating hot and cold hydrotherapy. This is a fancy way of saying, when you are taking a shower turn the water up as hot as you can tolerate (without harming your skin of course) for at least 3 minutes. This causes vasodilation, or opening or widening of the blood vessels leading to an increase in blood flow. Then quickly turn the water to as cold as you can tolerate for at least 30 seconds, which causes vasoconstriction. You guessed it, this means those wide open blood vessels just cinched themselves tight. This helps to carry more nutrients, via your circulatory system, throughout your body boosting your immune system. It also makes you feel warmer when you step out of the shower instead of running for your warm snugly bath robe. You can repeat this in a series of at least 3 sets for even better results. Just be sure to always end on cold. I've been doing this for over 12 years, ever since I learned about it in massage school. My husband always wonders why I don't catch the colds he gets or at least never get them as full fledged as he does and I try to convince him to try this..... But I guess he prefers his way.

Now we come to my favorite and easiest immune booster. At PCCHH we use an Amethyst In fared heat mat. The FAR In-fared light penetrates the body at a depth of 6-8 inches and increases cellular movement and metabolism. This increased cellular metabolism supports our immune system and core body temperature so we don't have to deplete our own energy sources to keep warm and  germ free by ourselves. Why is this my favorite way you ask? Well that's easy, because who doesn't want to lie on a warm heat mat that is also helping their body to heal itself. And better yet, you can add the Amethyst In-fared mat to any of our massage or energy sessions. That's like a double whammy of effortless health an wellness!

Have a happy and healthy season! Hope to see you at the center soon.

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Don’t Get Dressed in Layers After Your Massage

No, I’m not telling you to become a nudist!

You probably know that moment.  The moment when the session is ending, and you
feel calm, expansive and so much more like “yourself” again laying there “naked” on
the bodywork table.  And while yes, you are most likely undressed under the sheets,
what I am referring to is that you are no longer covered in fear, resistance and
separation. I’m referring to not putting back on your layers of ego and your physical
and emotional ways that you have become unconsciously conditioned to guard

There is that moment.  The moment where you have become one with the bodywork
table, your therapist has left the room, and you tell yourself, “ok, I need to get up.”  
In those moments of getting up off of the table your first choice happens.  You can
choose to stay in the expansive relaxation where you are connected to the peace of
who you truly are, and you can choose to carry that feeling into your daily life.  You
have the opportunity to choose in each moment.

How long can you choose to BE in this place of peace?

My hope is that you choose to give yourself and those around you the gift of
knowing this part of you as you have honored us with knowing this part of you each
time we support you in a massage or energy healing session.  We are thankful for
knowing you and our other clients in this way.  It is a beautiful gift of connection to
those around you, so don’t get dressed, choose to stay un-layered, undefended and
stay authentically YOU!

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