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Stress Free Things To Do In Pittsburgh

Got Stress?
Eliminate your Busy- ness
Eliminate Excess and cast out Duress
Decompress-Experience Happiness!

Stress free things to do in Pittsburgh and all year round:

*Smile a lot, Laugh More
*Be Grateful
*Forgive Yourself
*Savor Quietude
*Consciously Breathe
*Listen to the Rain
*Amaze yourself with the Beauty and Simplicity of Nature
*Clean out your social media accounts- seriously!
*Dance with yourself or with others
*Experience uninhibited movement
*Get a massage!

Peace, Love, and Relax ✌❤

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A Time for Me

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet?    And, how’s that going for you?


For some reason we feel as if the new year means that we have to turn over a new leaf, completely reinvent ourselves, as if the arrival of the New Year will magically provide the motivation for extreme change. This extreme pressure to change is often tossed by the wayside in short order, leaving us with a feeling of failure.

 My recommendation to you for this New Year is instead of radical and extreme external change, delve into your inner divine being for a little internal passive change. This will equally feed you need for change and help you to feel more fulfilled as a whole. Below are a few practices and daily mantras to help guide you and help you to accept who you are in this present moment.

 I will…

  • be kinder and more gentle
  • be generous and charitable
  • practice tolerance
  • be environmentally responsible
  • be fiscally responsible
  • be honest and faithful
  • be helpful and available
  • see simplicity
  • let my passion flow
  • practice joy and forgiveness freely


I hope you look forward to your journey towards physical and emotional well-being and the celebration of life!


Well Wishes,


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As I watch the sun set earlier each evening, aware of the seasonal transition that is to come, I find myself holding tight to these last weeks of summer. To help coax myself through this time of apprehension and change, I turn my attention to nature. Here are my suggestions for savoring this warm-weather season:



  • Go outside in your pajamas first-thing in the morning to greet the natural world: the flowers in bloom, their stamen adorned with bees collecting the last bits of pollen to nourish the queen; myriad butterflies sipping sweet nectar; the birds twittering, especially the yellow finches that flutter from purple cone flowers to sunflowers in the garden where dewey spider webs glisten in the morning light. And marvel. Just allow yourself to marvel at the delicate artwork cast by these tiniest of creatures.


  • Repeat at night. Listen to the cacophony of crickets, cicadas, and tree frogs, and maybe catch the occasional hoot of an owl. Close your eyes. Observe this communing of animals and insects. And when you open your eyes again, look up at the sky and see the stars and the moon, ever-shifting through its own phases of darkness and light.   


  • Continue to tune in to nature all throughout your day. Take a walk through your neighborhood or the park; step outside and take ten deep breaths of fresh air, feeling the sunlight warm on your skin; smell fresh flowers or herbs or the aroma of newly clipped grass; and listen to the wild world that exists all around you.


  • When you finally retire for the evening, invite nature in. Open your windows wide, close your eyes, and settle in for sweet dreams and a childlike anticipation of doing it all over again tomorrow.


Isn't it amazing—and humbling—to know that we, like the animals and insects, the moon and the stars  are all part of this dynamic dance of existence? Don't allow the drudgery of life to close you off even to the smallest of miracles that surround you. Instead, open yourself and your heart to the world, and see what happens.


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Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year...


You’ve dusted and vacuumed your baseboards, pulled the weeds in the garden,
cleaned the gutters, washed the windows. What’s next?


This holistic practice is purported to improve oral health, whiten teeth, remove
bacteria that causes bad breath & gum disease (gingivitis), decrease formation of
plaque, and prevent tooth decay. It’s 5-6 times less expensive than commercial
mouthwash with chlorhexidine. It can strengthen your jaws, decrease sensitivity in teeth
and draws out mucous congestion from your throat, and loosens up sinuses.

Good general health involves a Body-Mouth connection. There are 500+ species
of bacteria in your mouth -- some beneficial, some harmful. Bacteria in the mouth
impacts so many other diseases in the body....we swallow, we absorb, we digest. If
absorbed sublingually, bacteria is directed into our bloodstream causing low-grade
inflammatory responses throughout our bodies, leading to stiff joints, skin disorders,
headaches, lung disease, insomnia, fatigue, digestive disorders, and heart disease to


It’s a simple “routine” to add to your daily oral hygiene practices. Before you
begin your busy, hectic day, put a tablespoon of unrefined, food-grade Sesame,
Sunflower, Safflower, or Coconut Oil in your mouth and gently SWISH the oil between
your teeth for up to 20 minutes. Try not to swallow. If your mouth gets tired, use less
vigor in your swishing! Don't forget to spit in the trsh and not down your drains.
Do this before eating or drinking. When finished swishing, rinse
your mouth out with water -- brush and floss your teeth, blow your nose and clear your
throat. You may activate your gag reflex The oil in your mouth will transform into a

Warning: Do Not use Oil Pulling as a replacement for standard, professional oral health

Have fun...hum a little tune, deep breathe through your nose, take a shower.


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