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Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing Featured in Spa Week's National Wellness Giveaway!

The Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing was asked to be the only Spa in Pittsburgh to participate in the Spa Week National Wellness Giveaway!

Click Here to go to Spa Week's Blog to learn more details about how you could win this wonderful day of wellness right here in Pittsburgh!

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Coping Strategies to Stay Positive During Economic Stress

Stress has the potential to impact our emotional health, physical health, and relationships. These days, more and more Americans are getting heavily stressed, as their retirement savings, jobs, and sometimes homes are threatened. It is therefore more important than ever to have good ways of coping with stress.

Based on past periods in which Americans have struggled with economy-related stress, here are some tried-and-true coping strategies that are proven to help:

• Seek support from others. Reach out to trusted family, friends, and professionals.

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