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Dry Brush for Body and Skin Renewal

The time has come for reorganization. It's a time for raking up old, dead leaves, for sweeping off our porches, uncovering our porch furniture (if we even chose to cover it), and to clean out our homes.  We want to get rid of the winter blues stack up that we collected over the past season and just let go!  A lot of us may have sat around all winter with the sluggish attitude of "holding on".  Holding on to the idea of being lazy and tired and more stagnant than usual.  Productivity lessened a bit and it now shows come spring season.  I think it's time to feel inspired by the warmth of the sun and get moving.  It's a time for evaluation on what our lives and our space at home needs. That space includes ourselves.  How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?  Are you still needing a little boost even though this spring weather can feel so refreshing and motivating?  I have an easy suggestion.  It only takes about five minutes.  And it has so many benefits, you will wonder why you never tried this before. The suggestion is dry brushing.  It's simple, it's quick, it's beneficial, and barely costs a thing.  Let it be a part of your spring renewal this year!

What Are The Benefits?

-  It helps the skin absorb nutrients better because it aids in eliminating clogged pores.
   This gives the skin a glowing and smooth appearance.
-  Sloughs away dry skin from the harsh, cold winter weather
-  Promotes tighter skin, cell renewal, and blood flow.
-  It helps the lymphatic system release toxin build up.  When the body rids itself of toxins,
   it is able to run more efficiently.  
-  When done first thing in the morning, it is awakening and invigorating because of its
    benefit of increased blood flow.
-  Increasing circulation to the skin can aids in lessening the appearance of cellulite.  

How to dry brush?

You are not limited to this, but dry brushing before you get into the shower is a good time.   
Start at your feet and move up the legs.  Always move toward the heart.  Brush in long, sweeping motions, lightly and briskly.  Brush the abdomen in a circular clock-wise motion.  It should take about five minutes. EASY!

What type of brush?  And where can It be bought?  

The brush should have non-synthetic bristles. The bristles should be stiff, yet not too hard.  And long handles can be good to get to the hard-to-reach places on our bodies. But there are both long-handled brushes and hand held brushes as well.   

*You can buy your brush from us, The Pittsburgh Center for Complimentary Health and Healing
  The East End Co-op is another location that supplies these specific brushes.

I hope the best for you with your spring and skin renewal this lovely season.  I know we all have to feel ready for some change!

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Family Constellation Sessions with Cindy Petrakis-Mason at the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing!
Saturday October 16th  9:30-3:00
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