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Pittsburgh benefits from National Spa Week, April 13th-19th, 2009!

Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing Spa Week Services…Discounted to $50!

All of our Spa Week Services are stress relieving and wellness oriented!

• 75 min- Body & Soul Aromatherapy Therapeutic Massage & Reiki Session

• 75 min- Relaxing Full Body Massage

• 75 min- Individually Customized Private Yoga Session

• 90 min- Nurturing Full Body Ayervedic Hot Stone Massage

• 75 min- Relaxing Peppermint Foot Treatment with Scalp Massage & Foot Reflexology

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PCCHH in the Media

Lux magazine recently included an article about PCCHH in the winter issue.

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Quick Tips for Easing Aches and Pains

You’re in pain right now, but you’re next massage appointment isn’t for days!!

Don’t just deal with it. Take the time to pay that pain the attention it’s nagging you for! Here are some quick and easy ways to hold yourself over till your next massage…

Epsom Salt Bath- Great for large areas or overall pain and stiffness. You can find these inexpensive salts in all drug/grocery stores. Dissolve 2 cups in tub of really warm water.

Arnica Oil- Best for pain in a specific muscle. Rub over affected area as often as needed.

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Massage, Nutrition, Well-being, Oh My!

First, I would like to welcome everyone to our very first Blog! If anyone would have told me less than 3 years ago that I would write a website, newsletter, and now blog I would have just laughed. Me and technology never quite went hand in hand, but here I am now, with two and a half years of newsletters, a 30+ page website, and now excitingly, a blog. I am telling you about me and technology mainly to seek your forgiveness upfront if my grammar, spelling, or anything tech. inspired misses a beat.

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