Our bodies and minds naturally react to danger and stress. You may have experienced your heart pounding, "butterflies" in your stomach, or muscle tension, among other physical reactions.  Some experience feelings of panic, obsessive thoughts, or nightmares.

For some, these reactions become excessive to the point that they interfere with job or school performance, personal relationships, physical health, and overall life satisfaction. 

The level and intensity of anxiety that any person experiences can be linked to such factors as life stressors, genetics, brain chemistry, depression, early childhood experiences, family relationships, and past traumas.

At PCCHH we offer a variety of tools for individuals suffering from mild to severe anxiety.

For a complementary approach Massage Therapy, Cellular Expansion and Healing and Reiki can aid in the reduction of stress, reactivity and physical discomfort as well as heal the that are the cause or the result of Anxiety.