Chronic Pain

The human body is extremely intelligent. When we feel discomfort, this is a message from our body letting us know that it needs our attention. Often times we walk through life holding tensions and pains without addressing them, accepting discomfort as the norm. These issues may range from a long-term nagging ache to a pain that inhibits the ability to perform daily functions. These pains can come from a variety of sources.

Chronic pain may persist after an injury has healed or a disease is over. Often times, this discomfort has no apparent cause and serves no apparent biological purpose. Pain signals keep firing in the nervous system even though the cause of the pain has been removed. This may also be referred to as "muscle memory". Although it appears that the body has healed physically, something just will not let go. This reoccurring pain may lead to other issues such as sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, headaches and/or depression.

There is another type of chronic pain that stems from repetitive actions. This type has a wide range of triggers including: lack of/or improper exercise, prolonged sitting, poor posture, carrying a heavy shoulder bag, your sleep position, wearing high heels, etc. The list goes on.

Our muscle memory not only stores physical trauma but emotional trauma as well. The imprint from any form of abuse or neglect, emotional upset or hardship, from any stage of life, is stored in the body’s tissues. Our life’s experiences play an important part in our current level of well-being.

Massage , Energy Medicine, and Yoga hone our self-awareness. Receiving regular bodywork and cultivating at home relaxation tools is a great step to eliminating these chronic pains and preventing small problems from growing. As we become more acquainted with our bodies we take on a proactive approach to health in order to achieve higher levels of well-being.

As a chronic pain sufferer, since the age of 12, I had pretty much given up hope that my situation could ever change.  I have noticed dramatic relief from my back and neck pain that I never imagined possible and the hour of oasis that I experience under her capable hands each week is as therapeutic on my mind and spirit as it is on my body. L.M.