Couples Side-by-Side Hot Stone Massage

Couples Hot Stone Side-by-Side Massage

Our Couples Hot Stone Side-by-Side Massage is the ultimate bonding experience where you can each leave your worries behind while the grounding heat of mother earth warms you to your core.  As the two of you lay side-by-side in the same massage room you will each indulge in a deeply relaxing and therapeutic session. Anointed with warm oil infused with the aromatics of soothing essential oils you will melt away stress and draw away worry and anxiety from the body. Our skilled massage therapist will use their hands and local heated stones to massage away tension in the body, increasing circulation and promoting a deep sense of well-being. While the use of healing crystals add to the experience bringing you out of your head, connecting you with nature and each other.

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Couples Side-by-Side Hot Stone Massage 90 minutes $340
(includes two individual hot stone massages)

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