Couples Aromatherapy Side-By-Side Massage

Couples Aromatherapy Side-by-Side Massage

At the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing share an intimate bonding experience of peace and well-being, with an Aromatherapy Couples Side-by-Side Massage in our soothing massage and spa setting.   

Imagine the two of you...laying side-by-side, relaxing from the worries of the world, in a warm room with the relaxing sounds of peaceful ocean waves, the aromatherapy of calming essential oils, and the nurturing of a customized therapeutic massage.  It is the perfect enviornment to enjoy a special bonding session for couples, close friends, or family members to indulge in the shared experience of peace and well-being.  You don't need to do anything except relax and enjoy! 

Two tables, two therapists, one lasting relationship!

*Couples Massage Prices include 2 individual massages

60 minutes...$200
90 minutes...$280

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YES, we can customize our Couples Aromatherapy Side-by-Side Massage session to accomodate pregnancy massage.  Please call to schedule so that we can be sure to place you with therapists who are trained in prenatal massage.

60 minute prenatal couples massage session....$220
90 minute prenatal couples massage session....$290