At the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing (PCCHH) we understand that the journey towards childbirth can be an experience not only of joy and hope, but a journey full of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress. Here at PCCHH, we offer a complete holistic approach to support your body, mind and spirit through this process.  Our fertility services can be tailored for any method of the conception process whether it be natural, or assisted. 

"A new study published June 1 in Fertility and Sterility, a publication of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, shows that women who participate in a mind-body program for stress reduction while undergoing IVF treatment have a significantly higher pregnancy rate than those who do not (52 percent versus 20 percent).", Massagemag.com

Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage is great for any woman who is preparing her body for pregnancy whether she is experiencing difficulty conceiving or is just looking to support the functioning of her body prior to pregnancy.

Fertility Massage is a unique blend of specific massage, reflexology, deep abdominal work, warm castor oil packs and energy medicine for women who are looking to naturally increase their fertility while being supported physically, emotionally and spiritually to prepare for pregnancy.

Nikki Remic is Pittsburgh’s first Certified Fertility Massage Specialist & now educates other Massage Therapists in becoming Fertility Massage Specialists!

*Fertility Massage is only indicated in the first half of a woman’s cycle

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Cellular Expansion and Healing

Cellular Expansion and Healing is perfect for the individual who is having a hard time conceiving or maintaining pregnancy.

Conception is something that is impossible to control, and many factors from previous experiences in life can create holding and limitations. Cellular Expansion and Healing is a form of hands-on energy medicine that provides individuals with the opportunity to be profoundly supported and relaxed while connecting with deeper aspects of their own body, mind and spirit restoring the body to a healthy, balanced state of being.

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The feet reflect a map of our body, corresponding to exact organs and tissues. Reflexology is a specific pressure technique, which works reflex points on the feet to help to stimulate various organs in your body, increasing blood flow and balancing out energy.

*Reflexology is only indicated in the first half of a woman’s cycle

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Couples Massage

The process of conceiving should be a bonding and supportive time for both man and woman. A Side-by-Side Couples Massage is a great way to enjoy a special bonding session for couples. Two individuals will share a relaxing experience with customized massages side-by-side of one another in the same massage room. Two tables, two therapists, one lasting relationship.

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"Nikki Remic is a skilled professional with wisdom well beyond her years. I began working with Nikki following a recommendation from one of her fellow professionals as I was experiencing difficulties with conception. Nikki was instrumental in helping me clear any psychological hurdles I had created during the ’trying’ period and a shortly after working with Nikki I became pregnant. Nikki also provided wonderful support during my pregnancy providing sound advice and beneficial relaxation techniques. I hold Nikki in the highest regard and strongly recommend her to anyone seeking harmony and contentment."
D. A.

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