Intuitive Fascial Touch

Intuitive Fascial Touch (IFT) is a modality based on the John Barnes theory of Myofascial Release (MFR) incorporating components of traditional MFR with Energy Medicine.

The Hidden Body

In a muscle-focused culture, we can be blinded to the benefits of massage for the connective tissue in our body, known as fascia.

Fascia gives us our shape. Instead of being built like skyscrapers-- stacked, upright objects -- we are objects with tensegrity like a suspension bridge or a tent, using high-tension wires to keep us aligned and while also having a delicate web of connective tissue that holds every filigree nerve and capillary in place. The fascial net is a living, continuous single structure in the body that is responsive at the speed of sound and capable of slowly reshaping itself over months and years in response to stresses and trauma. Fascia is susceptible to becoming torn, twisted, tight, stiff, or weakened with scar tissue and adhesions.

Fascia responds to low, slow heat -- a strategy cooks have been using with tough cuts of meat since time immortal. A massage therapist releases living fascia with a variety of techniques to apply pressure and traction at the “pressure of a nickel,” with a much slower rhythm than the common modalities of massage.

During an Intuitive Fascial Touch massage, clients often experience deeply relaxed states, while being present for the subtle changes that occur during a myofascial hold. The effects are far-reaching. For instance, clients may feel work in the calf affecting the upper back. Clients may experience changes in emotional state, involuntary twitches, improved body awareness and wholeness, feelings of openness in body and mind. Often clients simply fall asleep, awaking revitalized and smiling.

IFT can be included in customized massage sessions, however, if you have specific chronic areas of concern we recommend full sessions of IFT for 60 or 90 minutes. Due to the slow nature of the work these session may not be full body. IFT is excellent for relieving chronic pain from years-old injury and trauma, repetitive stress injury and exposure, postural misalignments, joints with limited range of motion, anxiety, depression, insomnia. It is perfect for anyone interested in a deep massage without the sometimes painful techniques of other modalities.

30 minutes.....$55

45 minutes.....$75

60 minutes.....$90

75 minutes.....$110

90 minutes.....$130


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"My service today was absolutely fantastic! Iva is *AMAZING*! I love her gentle, easy-going style -- it is very calming. Our session was amazingly relaxing! I loved the feeling of Iva gently moving and stretching parts of my body that I've completely forgotten about/neglected! I was amazed (and very grateful) that the pain in my lower back was relieved through Iva's skill and techniques. Also, the tightness in my throat/neck was also very much improved, and it felt much more relaxed and loose after our session. Something that Iva said to me at the beginning of our session has really stayed with me and has caused me to really think... she stated that she believes that "ALL massage therapy is energy work." I have to say that I agree with her. I will never look at massage therapy in the same way. Thank you, Iva, for sharing this tidbit of wisdom with me! And, thank you for introducing me to the world of myofascial release!" ~ Cambria S.