Mother Roasting

Mother roasting is a rejuvenating post-partum treatment performed about two weeks after the delivery of your new baby, and Exclusively at The Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing. Our treatment uses hot stones and heated essential oils to help nourish your Qi (vital energy) and Blood. You will leave feeling renewed, rested and balanced.

This treatment is aimed at supporting the new mother, rather than the newborn. During the birthing experience a woman will have used vital resources often leaving her feeling exhausted, under-nourished, lacking in energy, and often weepy due to the hormonal fluctuations.  Our treatment utilizes the body's own healing mechanisms, encouraging the rejuvenation and circulation of blood and vital energy which are essential to support a new mother. New moms tend to leave the session feeling enriched, deeply fortified and more able physically and mentally to cope with the post partum period. We also make it possible for you as a new mom to bring your newborn with you, so you don't have to feel the anxiety of having to leave your baby with anyone, unless of course you want to.  The treatment has a secondary effect on the newborn as the mother will be more relaxed, rejuvenated and happy, therefore passing this state of equilibrium onto her new baby/babies.

*Not suitable for women who have had a cesarean until 7 weeks post-partum
105 minutes...$185

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