Alexander Zen Denner

Licensed Massage Therapist #MSG011903
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My name is Alexander Zen Denner. I am the fifth licensed massage therapist in my immediate family. I graduated from the Florida College of Natural Health in 2012 and have since been licensed in four states. I have had extensive training in Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy; creating the perfect blend of deep tissue stripping while accurately locating and diminishing Trigger Points (commonly known as "knots"). Additionally my training extends to Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Kinesiology and 11 other highly beneficial modalities.
So many of us live day to day in excruciating pain, yet so few understand that in many cases this pain can be relieved by specific massage techniques. My goal is to find the source of the imbalance and help relieve the tension allowing all other misalignment to come back into place.
The benefits of massage are endless and I truly feel that it is the most gracious way of saying "thank you" to your body for everywhere it has taken you through life. I believe in everything that massage therapy is and would love the chance to show you the benefits it can bring into your life.