Caitlin Walker

Licensed Massage Therapist
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Since childhood, Caitlin has always held close the dream of learning, exploring, nurturing and healing through non-traditional modalities, and she is SO delighted to be a part of the PCCHH family, to further this dream and support this community.

Through a heart-centered, holistic approach, Caitlin guides her clients toward the health and freedom in their lives that they truly desire. She is devoted to creating an empowering, whimsical, and healing space within which people can truly thrive, joyfully design their lives on their own terms, and cultivate their most desired states of being - So that we may finally have some world peace.

Combining Swedish, Therapeutic Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Release techniques, Caitlin collaborates with you to make sure your massage is customized to your needs. Your session may include aromatherapy, heat, sound-bath, breathwork, energy work, specified trigger point therapy, cross-fiber friction techniques, and gentle stretches within the realm of your own comfort. The massage is yours, fully co-created based on your needs and wishes.

Caitlin believes that when we are optimally nourished, awakened, full of moxie and vitality, and when our nervous systems are soothed, we have the ultimate capability to not only love our lives, but to extend that love out into the community, and into the world, ultimately healing our planet. The world needs more body positivity, lightheartedness, Integrative Healthcare, intentionality, intersectionality, community, opportunities for celebration, and optimally nourished and inspired people. This world needs us to feel alive, and to feel GOOD.

This is why she’s so passionate about holistically leading her clients to put their own well-being first, by providing the bodywork, teaching the mindsets, structures, tools, and rituals necessary to make living their most desired life a journey that feels inspired and indulgent with a sense of EASE and FUN. Caitlin is a neighbor of PCCHH and loves living in Regent Square with her cat Lilly and Cavalier Renly.

Education and Training

Caitlin’s studies at The University of Pittsburgh included a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Psychology, Related Studies in Natural Science, and a Certificate in Leadership. She supplemented her education by following her passions into Nutrition, Yoga, Health Psychology, Dance, and Teaching Mind-Body Exercise.

After graduating from Pitt 2010 she enrolled in the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy to begin to actualize the dream she’s always had to support people in their health and wellness with ancient, proven, and complementary healing modalities. She continues to enhance her education with a variety of continuing education opportunities including but not limited to: Myofascial Release Techniques, Dermoneuromodulation, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

In 2014 she completed training in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition's cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program. With IIN, she studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. She leaves her clients with customized actionable steps, a solid comprehension of daily self-care, intuitive eating, and a conscious mindset. This results in a deeper and more compassionate connection to their bodies, a glow of excitement about their lives, and a genuine sense of ease.