Courtney Padrutt

Front Desk Concierge & Administrative Assistant
Courtney Padrutt's picture

Courtney has always gravitated towards areas of healing and helping people. She has over 20 years of customer service experience, with many of those years focused in administrative work. Courtney senses the effect that thoughtful communication and a positive environment can have and naturally seeks to provide this for others. She finds that happiness for her resides in the little moments, where she can offer something useful, make an experience more peaceful, and perhaps share a laugh and a smile.

Alongside her professional career she is particularly fond of art and ancient philosophies that utilize symbolism, such as Herbalism, Jungian Psychology, Qabalah, the Yijing, the Daodejing, the Chakras and Alchemy. She is currently studying Vitalist Herbalism at The School of Evolutionary Herbalism.

She also loves cooking, playing in soil and spending time with her family and friends.