Diane Brinsko

  Licensed Massage Therapist, #MSG 004971
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Who am I? Gosh...I am an accumulation of all of the experiences, happenings, events & thoughts of all the years I have occupied space on this earth. I am a 1993 graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy and have been teaching various classes there for 20+ years.Since then, my curiosities, passion, quest for knowledge, and encounters with clients have brought me to a place of gratefulness--I have a livelihood that is truly meaningful and rewarding to myself and others.

I have chosen to partake in a myriad of continuing education to enhance my skills and to offer diversity & choices to each client---whether they are seeking rehabilitation, increased flexibility/movement, pain relief, anxiety/stress reduction,&/or heightened well-being

Beyond Swedish and Deep Tissue, I offer Pre/Post Natal massage, Hot/cold Stone Therapy, Cupping, Body and Spa treatments, TMJS and Headache Relief as well as gentle, yet effective approaches such as Stretching, Cranio-sacral, and Muscle Energy Technique

I encourage each of you to look at each session...not as a "massage", but as a much needed, well deserved "VACATION"- a journey seeking liberation from the tribulations of everyday life. I am ever so grateful to be able to enjoy my livelihood that is truly meaningful & enjoyable to myself and others & am delighted to be a part of the amazing team at the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing.

Here's to YOUR journey towards health, happiness, and well-being