Jessica Mealy

Front Desk Coordinator
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Jessica has always been drawn to the more transcendent elements of experiencing and understanding life and nature.  She holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts with concentrations in Music, Psychology, and International Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.

Whether playing a musical instrument, revamping her home, writing poetry, photographing her Latin American travels, teaching herself computer programming or cooking curry stew for her and her loved ones – finding the balance between resourcefulness and creativity has always been her work.

It wasn’t until 2008, when Jessica moved to Pittsburgh from a small town in the Pennsylvania Alleghenies, that her attention to natural healing and the mind-body connection really began to unfold.  Beginning with her interest in the medicinal properties of foods and plants, and continuing with her practice in solo and group meditation and Kirtan chant, her relocation to the big city of western Pa was quite a transformational time.  

Since that time, Jessica has continued to explore meditation and natural healing, and it was while on a trip to California in the winter of 2012 that she had the opportunity to experience bodywork for the first time.  This moment was awe-inspiring, showing her first-hand the power of massage and cranio-sacral therapy for bringing peace to the mind, and opening up her senses to the world and the people around her.  She followed-up this pivotal experience with a retreat to a Kriya Yoga sanctuary where she found her connection to deep breathing and meditation (“moving with the tempo of the present”) to really take on a new level of significance in her life.

To Jessica, it is of utmost importance that she is able to directly be apart of the healing and “opening up” of individuals in her community through her work with Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing.