Jim Sams

Licensed Massage Therapist #MSG011991
Jim Sams's picture

From an early interest in various sports and athletic conditioning, Jim has always been fascinated in what can be accomplished with the body, mind, and spirit. He finds it rewarding to complete a sequence of movements with focus and awareness that leads to a desired goal. Jim had an early interest in science and a curiosity of how things worked and how to fix things, and earned a master’s degree in Environmental Science from Penn State. With this education he has built a rewarding first career in geology and environmental research.

While designing and building his own home, Jim injured his back, and could not find relief through standard means. At the advice of a friend, he began practicing yoga ten years ago, and was amazed to find that the pain diminished and eventually disappeared. Jim attends yoga classes several times a week that include discussions of body mechanics and movements required to achieve a specific posture. He developed a new interest in understanding body physiology, and a desire to help others find relaxation, body awareness, and pain relief. Encouraged by his yoga community, Jim completed massage therapy training at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy.

Continuing education is important to Jim and he recently completed a week long workshop at the Esalen Institute in California. The workshop presented methods of deep body work which integrate the long strokes of the classic Esalen massage, which creates a very connecting session between client and therapist toward achieving the goals of the session. He enjoyed the new ideas and insights offered at the institute, and is now working towards completing an Esalen certification over the next year.

Jim offers Swedish and Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Hot Stone, Cupping, and Sports Massage. Each session can be an integration of these methods.

This second career has been rewarding for Jim to help others find relief from aches and pains, improve their range of motion, and perhaps most importantly, find relaxation and rest from a busy life.