Laura Budde

Assistant Manager & Wellness Concierge
Laura Budde's picture

Laura comes to the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing from her home in nearby Forest Hills. Her goal as an Assistant Manager is to utilize her ability to nurture those around her and to channel her purpose of helping others improve their quality of life. In 2009, a major life change helped open Laura to yoga, improved nutrition and stress reduction. She found that the metamorphosis that occurred within her was amazingly beneficial and came to understand how important it was to encourage others on their individual journeys.
In 2015 Laura completed the Integrative Health Studies Bachelor of Arts program at Chatham University. Coursework included developing a thorough understanding of mind-body therapies, body-based modalities, nutrition, botanical medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Researching evidence-based therapies, Laura came to understand how such complementary and alternative therapies can play a major role in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.
Laura has continued her quest to encourage others who seek to improve their quality of life. She believes that seeking wellness through realistic steps toward positive change can improve all aspects of a person’s life and help open them to greater possibilities. Laura understands that each individual’s experience must be valued and that attitudes toward lifestyle cannot be forced on anyone. The desire to change must come from within the individual to be lasting.
In her daily life, Laura enjoys tending her ever-expanding garden with her husband Paul, creating colorful artwork, experimenting with seasonal cooking and continuing to study wellness with an emphasis on acceptance and expansion of the self. She brings a positive attitude, genuine thirst for knowledge, along with life experiences that have helped her to develop compassion and love for all people, based upon our mutual suffering and connectedness.