Sydnee Turner

Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Wellness Concierge MSG011780
Sydnee Turner's picture

When Sydnee was a child, she could not tell the difference between her feelings and other peoples’. Some days she would go home as ecstatic as a whole classroom but, she could also take home more than one person’s share of negativity. Coming home from a rough day at school, one thing to cheer her up would be a ‘competition’ set up between her and her two sisters. Her grandmother would give more play time to whichever child proved to be ‘the best’ massage therapist. She and her sisters tackled the round trigger points on their grandmother’s upper back, the competition ending in heaps of laughter and cream of wheat. With far more knowledge and centeredness than she had at the age of 8, Sydnee feels that those memories ushered her to where she is now.

Sydnee has found the balance she lacked in childhood with grounding exercises, a positive mindset and massage therapy. She finds giving a session is as therapeutic as getting one!

Sydnee studied for 3 years at CCAC Boyce’s campus. Initially, it was towards a biology degree but, Anatomy and Physiology being her favorite subject, she gladly switched to Massage Therapy. Sydnee enjoys honoring her clients by engaging them as they come, working with any energy they bring to the table and making them feel welcomed and warmed. Sydnee believes that no pain happens in isolation. An injured ankle can affect more than just the ankle and a weary mind can cause more pain than a headache. Sydnee sees each client as a holistic being with experiences that transcends words, that stores itself in the tissue. Sydnee believes that life is meant to find happiness, true undeniable joy. She allows space for clients to enjoy their session and to find themselves in their bodies.
Sydnee’s nature is to perform deep and slow strokes with a moderate amount of stretching. She adjusts pressure based on the tissue’s feel and the client’s verbal and nonverbal feedback. Quieting her clients’ minds while working out tension is her common goal. She loves diversity in massage so is willing to do to what she can to make each session rejuvenating
Outside of work Sydnee enjoys farming, walking, writing and laughing. Sydnee is figuring out ‘adult life’. Her lessons can be invigorating and as much as they can be plain old tough. On days where she is most challenged, walking into the center clears her body and soul. She wants to extend that feeling to the world. She does that with one person at a time. Thus, she is grateful for every person she meets and especially those who choose her as a therapist.