Tera Geishauser

Wellness Concierge
Tera Geishauser's picture

Tera is on the pursuit of bringing happiness, health, and wellness to as many people as possible! Originally from Altoona, PA, Tera attended the Pennsylvania State University and went on to work with America’s biggest celebrity.... literally! She was one of 12 college graduates chosen out of 1500 to be a part of the mobile marketing team behind the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile (yes, she actually drove across the US in the worlds most recognizable hotdog) as a national brand ambassador. During her time on the road with Oscar mayer, she stumbled into the world of holistic health and never looked back.

Tera has furthered her education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Precision Nutrition and got certified as a personal trainer through NASM.

Through working with PCCHH, Tera hopes to continue to learn, grow and evolve both personally and professionally. Her strength lies in the ability to help and serve others using techniques adopted by holistic health practices curated in her own unique way. Tera is excited to bring a wave of positive energy not only into the center, but to the projects she’ll take on and the wonderful people she will meet along the way.