Tracy Sutphen

Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, #MSG008313
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Tracy moved to Pittsburgh from Mechanicsburg, PA in January of 2008 to attend school at the University of Pittsburgh where she majored in Exercise Science, specialized in Wellness and obtained a Minor in Aquatics. After graduating from PITT in 2011 she continued in the pursuit of furthering her career in aquatics aerobics therapy. Later that year, Tracy obtained her National Certification as an Aquatics Fitness Professional through the Aquatics Exercise Association and has spent the past three and a half years blissfully creating a safe, enjoyable environment for men and women of all ages to learn how to utilize the healing art and balancing properties of water to facilitate self-transformation and physical release. She has come to understand that kinesthetic awareness is an easy concept to become in-tune with when the human body is immersed in water. Another vital and powerful facet of learning how to strive in an aquatic environment is the ability to remain in constant connection with and attentive awareness of the rhythmic cycle of one’s own breath. The aquatic environment has also granted her with the opportunity to introduce her students to various meditative techniques they can utilize on a daily basis.
In 2012, Tracy began studying massage at The Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. After obtaining her license in 2013 she began further utilizing in various modalities including deep tissue, trigger-point therapy and neuromuscular work, myofascial holds, Reiki, Polarity Therapy and Shiatsu techniques as well as meditative and deep breathing practices. Tracy believes that each life force carries with it a certain frequency of vibration, with the power to change frequency at any given moment in time. She embraces the fact that we are each existing in this world together yet each of us experiences life in our own continually shifting reality. This is why she feels it is important for each individual to become in touch with the deepest intricacies of their own unique body, mind and soul. Tracy has always been guided by her intuition and her intense fascination with the complexities of the human body is apparent in each one of her uniquely customized massage sessions. Tracy believes that through the power of positive thought, physical activity, massage/bodywork, healthy eating habits and meditative practices, we can all achieve inner-peace while lending a helping hand in co-creating a positive environment for us all to thrive in together.