Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy puts a woman’s body through a tremendous amount of stress from the physical changes that are a natural part of pregnancy to the life changing experience of delivery. At the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing we are able to support new mothers along their journey before and after childbirth as they physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually surrender to the transformation of bringing a life into the world.

Pregnancy Massage

For the expectant mother-to-be a Pregnancy Massage provides her with support for her changing structure. As the pregnancy progresses, a mother is faced with physical and emotional challenges that can be overwhelming. Issues such as low back pain, sciatica, swelling, sinus pressure, pressure on the ribs, and general fatigue make it hard for her to keep up with her daily life and perhaps other children. Pregnancy massage aims to help women become more accepting and aware of their bodies, reduce discomforts and pain, and thus better prepare them for labor.

*Pregnancy Massage is only indicated for women experiencing a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy.

Post-Partum Massage

After delivery, massage therapy aids the healing from the stressors of pregnancy and quickens the natural recovery process by; helping to regulate hormones, restore muscular tone, stimulate lactation, aid in the reduction of fluids and swelling, and increase overall relaxation, rest and well-being. In addition to the physical demands from pregnancy research has shown that Post-Partum Massage can reduce a woman’s chance of suffering from post-partum depression.

Cellular Expansion and Healing

Cellular Expansion and Healing provides expectant mother’s with gentle nurturing support for a healthy pregnancy. Through this hands-on form of energywork the mother-to-be can benefit from relief of physical pains and fatigue as well as emotional and spiritual encouragement and ease so that they may surrender to the transformation of bringing a new life into the world. Women often report a sense of trust, deep relaxation, and self-confidence during and after a session.

*Cellular Expansion and Healing is perfect for women who have had a difficult time conceiving or maintaining pregnancy.


Our Psychotherapists are able to support individuals or couples who are having a difficult time balancing all the emotions arising during or after pregnancy. As stress builds couples often have a more difficult time connecting with each other without anger, judgment and exhaustion getting in the way. Our psychotherapists can assist individuals or couples with ways to manage this stress while still staying supportive and connected to one another.

"Nikki Remic is a skilled professional with wisdom well beyond her years. I began working with Nikki following a recommendation from one of her fellow professionals as I was experiencing difficulties with conception. Nikki was instrumental in helping me clear any psychological hurdles I had created during the ’trying’ period and a shortly after working with Nikki I became pregnant. Nikki also provided wonderful support during my pregnancy providing sound advice and beneficial relaxation techniques. I hold Nikki in the highest regard and strongly recommend her to anyone seeking harmony and contentment."
D. A.