Private Yoga, Semi-Private Yoga in Pittsburgh

Now Offering Private, Semi Private and Private Partner Yoga at the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing!

Private and Semi-Private Yoga Sessions are great for both beginner and experienced yoga students who are looking to receive individualized attention. For beginners, private/semi-private yoga can eliminate the intimidation and competition students often feel in a group class setting. In a private session, beginners will work with an instructor to craft a personalized practice, modifying for any health concerns or injuries. For experienced yogis, private/semi-private yoga instruction can help fulfill specific yoga goals like increased flexibility, balance, strength or cross training for a specific sport and increase mental or spiritual focus.

Private Yoga 60 minutes.....$65

Pre-paid package of 6 Private Yoga Sessions....$300 *Packages must be used within 3 months of initial purchase.


Semi Private Yoga 60 minutes.....$10 additional per person



"The environment at the center is perfect for this instruction... relaxing, welcoming, tranquil.  If I have had a rough week, our time together always calms and centers me, and enables me to be better prepared to move forward with all that life brings.  I whole-heartedly recommend this experience for anyone... beginner to advanced.  You will not be disappointed!" D.K