Seasonal Pittsburgh Spa Services


The Quiet Mind Body Ritual

When We Can Quiet the Mind and Allow It to Breathe, We Create An Opening for Divine Energy and Wisdom to Align Our Lives
Enjoy this nurturing 105 minute body ritual that uses intention to create an opening and skilled techniques to balance and align the body.  The ritual starts with a unique and personal intention setting to melt stress away in the midst of a warm mineral foot soak. Move on to enjoy a full body massage with soothing hand and foot paraffin to draw the energy back into your body, a palo santo energy clearing, yogic head wrapping to quiet the senses, warm stones to ground you, tuning forks to open and align all while using customized oils to quiet the mind and draw your energy back to the alignment of your heart. 
The oils use essential oils plus these amazing flower and gemstone essences:  
BIRD OF PARADISE: Quieting the mind, getting out of your own head
PASSIONFLOWER: Deep peace, rest, ability to let go
BRUGMANSIA: Calm, balance, allowing yourself to take a break
DANDELION: Relax neck + shoulder tension, body awareness
PINK LOTUS: Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding.

 105 minutes.....$180