Signature Customized Massage

Our Signature Massage Services are ideal for clients who are looking to elevate their Customized Massage with more inclusions and customization! These sessions give both clients and therapists the creative ability to acknowledge their needs in a more mindful and present way.

Here's to more ease and living with more intention!

Just as in our basic Customized Massage Sessions we begin each of these sessions with an initial consultation with one of our licensed massage therapists to learn your health history, preferences and goals for the massage session. The client is able to enjoy the warmth of our boiance massage table to deepen relaxation from the moment they feel the support of the water.  During the massage the therapist may add the use of a warm neck roll and aromatherapy at no extra charge along with the customization of speed, pressure and techniques combined together in a session with open hearts and listening hands to meet your individual goals. We use certified organic, vegan massage cream/lotion/oil/gel in our sessions to ensure the highest quality products are used on your body.

By choosing one of our Signature Customized Massages below you will include all of the above inclusions plus more! 

Disclaimer: You may never want to go back to massage without these enhancements again because you feel so good!

Advanced Customized Massage

In our Advanced Customized Massage clients can deepen their relaxation with extra enhancements of: hot/cold stones, additional hot towels and warm/cold compresses based on the client intake and indication. The extra details of this session are sure to help clients to relax and dissolve day-to-day tension by giving their therapist the ability to masterfully curate a massage experience that is a unique session designed specifically for your peace and well-being.

Indicated for those looking to: relax at a deeper level, reduce pain, use heat to melt tension, use cold for inflammation, add that extra something to your massage

60 minutes.....$125
75 minutes.....$145
90 minutes.....$170
120 minutes.....$215 

Intuitive Customized Massage

Expand, align and integrate your intentions to allow the body and soul to more deeply align as we hold space for your intuition to take you to a deeper level of restoration! Begin by tapping into your intuition with a ritual of card pulling, palo santo/copal clearing and intention setting followed by a uniquely curated massage which includes extra enhancements such as: Guided relaxation / energy work / flower essence and gem elixir oils / crystals / tuning forks, chimes or singing bowls. This session gives your therapist the ability to use their mindful presence to design a true session of healing arts.

Indicated for those looking for: A deeper sense of connection with your inner self, a place of self intuitive alignment, expansion + grounding, clarity + calm, support from grief/anxiety/depression/feeling stuck.

(Session time includes intention ritual)
90 minutes.....$170 
120 minutes.....$215

Deep Relief Customized Massage

In our Deep Relief Customized Massage you can access deeper layers of tension and pain held in the muscular and fascial tissue using extra tools to help your therapist to pin point areas to provide deeper relief and restoration. Using heat from warm compresses and trigger point hot stones, along with topical organic Full Spectrum CBD containing several anti-inflammatory ingredients that penetrate deep into the tissue with arnica, menthol and essential oils. 

Indicated for those looking for: extra pain relief, anti-inflammatory support, recovery for athletes and weekend warriors, relief + ease in deeply held chronic tension.

60 minutes.....$130
75 minutes.....$150
90 minutes.....$175
120 minutes.....$220