Structural Integration | Alignment Therapy


Image courtesy of the Structural Integration Institute

Alignment Therapy is a method of bodywork derived from traditional Structural Integration or Rolfing. It builds on the principle that the body: its connective tissue, its muscles and its movement patterns are significantly affected by the force of gravity causing pain caused by shortened connective tissue. Once the tissue is lengthened, clients often experience significant pain relief.

Unlike traditional Structural Integration (Rolfing), Alignment Therapy use a client-based approach tailoring each session to the individual client. Using  specific techniques of Myofascial & Neurofascial Unwinding Alignment Therapy confuses and relaxes the nervous system allowing access to deeper fascial layers. This "Unwinding" creates heat in and lengthens areas of bound tissue that collect as a result of overuse (i.e. repetitive motion) or injury (i.e. scar tissue) as well as underuse or stagnation, aka ischemia or lack of blood flow.  It lengthens connective tissue surrounding and often restraining muscles, nerves and blood vessels. "Unwinding" allows the client a level of comfort which enables the body to more readily accept the change to the tissue.

Each Alignment Therapy session is catered to the individual client. First, the client will be verbally and visually assessed to determine where bound tissue has pulled him or her out of alignment. Then, hands-on corrective techniques will be performed according to the client's specific concerns and body positioning. Alignment Therapy sessions end  with (muscle memory) repatterning exercises.  With these lifestyle modifications clients can experience longer lasting results with little or no need for long-term care. The goal of Alignment Therapy is to help return the body to a more functional state that enables and empowers one to enjoy a pain-free life.

Benefits of Alignment Therapy include; improved posture, sleep and breathing, increased energy, alertness, body awareness and relaxation and decreased stress and anxiety. By altering the movement patterns and physical structure of the body, Alignment Therapy also serves to balance emotional and energetic health.

Clients suffering from the following will benefit from Alignment Therapy:

Chronic pain
Frozen or stiff joints
Scar tissue 
New or old limitations due to injury
Nerve damage or impingements
Muscle fatigue, strains, or sprains
Compartmental syndrome
Disk issues (i.e. degenerative disks, slipped, compressed, bulging)
Pre or post-surgery 

For Alignment Therapy sessions we recommend wearing comfortable exercise clothing such as shorts and a tank top.

90-minute Structural Integration Session.....$135