Thai Massage

Defined simply, it's an applied mixture of yoga and acupressure.

Though relatively new to the western world, Thai massage has an ancient root ball seated in spiritual tradition. Its a potent yet accessible blend of classic Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal arts dovetailed by Buddhist monks as a healing modality some 2500 years ago. Passive stretching, joint mobilization and gentle, rhythmic compression along some of the body's most significant energy pathways (sens) are utilized to open up the body and balance its physiological and energetic systems. The flow of chi or energy that flows through the sens is stimulated, muscle and joint tension are relieved, flexibility is improved. Body, mind and spirit are harmonized. It is both a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

What to expect?

No table or oils will be used. A Thai Massage is received while fully clothed and performed on a large futon like mat on the floor. This enables the therapist to make use of their entire body- hands, feet, shoulders, elbows, knees- to gently guide you into the yoga-like stretches and to make use of her weight rather than muscle strength in applying compression. Wear light, comfortable, stretchy clothes, like yoga attire, preferably long sleeved and legged. Eat light before a session and be sure to hydrate before and after- Thai massage increases circulation and promotes the release of toxins from the body. A traditional Thai massage addresses the entire body in a sequence beginning with the feet and ending at the crown of the head.

Who would benefit from a Thai massage?

Everyone! You don't need to be "flexible" or have any prior experience with yoga; in fact, Thai massage can be especially beneficial to those who consider themselves the inflexible sort! We will discuss your personal needs and any physical limitations you may have and work completely within your unique range of ability and comfort. (There are a few medical conditions which are not compatible with Thai massage- we would asess for these prior to treatment.) Tight bodied athletes will balance all the hard work to muscles and joints and improve their performance. Nimble yogis can deepen their practice and body awareness through the passive approach to familiar asana-like stretches.


90 minute Classic Thai Massage....$130

*Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move and stretch in, as you remain fully clothed for Thai Massage.

Yoga Massage is a hands-on blend of energetic stretching and massage therapy performed on the table. Clients will undress as they would for a regular, customized massage session. Yoga Massage is catered to clients who do not get enough stretching in on their own as well as those looking for a "teaser" or introduction to the more in-depth Classic Thai Massage.

60 minute Improvised Thai Yoga Massage....$90

***"You should not get Thai massage if you have infectious skin disease, rashes or open wounds. Unless recommended by your doctor, you should not get Thai massage immediately after chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. If you are prone to blood clots or if you have heart disease, consult your doctor before getting Thai massage. If you are pregnant, you need to consult your doctor as well. If you have bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumors or recent fractures, Thai massage should not be done directly over the affected areas, so advise your massage therapist of any such wounds."