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Share Your Touch: Face and Scalp Massage to Melt Away Stress

If you don't want to make too much of an ordeal out of massage...I always find that the feet, face, and scalp are areas of the body that can give someone a big dose of relaxation in a very simple way.  Also, I noticed that particular friends and family members of mine that may be self-conscious of receiving massage, for whatever personal reason that they may have...the feet, face, and scalp are areas of the body that thay are open to.  Of course, this is different for each individual.  For this particular blog, I will share some nice techniques for the face and head, that anyone can share with a loved one.  My following blog will be a continuation of "Share Your Touch" and you can learn about foot massage as well. 
• Begin by standing or kneeling behind your friend's head depending on where and how you are situated for the massage. Take your friend's head into your hands and wait. This gives him or her time to settle in and relax and become familiar with your touch and presence.
• Place your thumbs over the center of your friend's forehead.  Start right above the eyebrows.  Draw your thumbs outward toward the temples.  Check in with pressure and see what your friend prefers.  Repeat this steady stroke on the forehead until you reach the hairline.
• Carefully glide your thumbs just under the eyebrows.  Being careful to not put pressure in or on the eyes themselves. Move from the inner to the outer edge. 
•  With a lighter pressuer,now using your fingertips, make a complete circle around the eyes, always moving your fingertips outward from the eyes, then under, and over again. Repeat three times.
• Using your thumbpads or fingertips, glide them down each side of the bridge of the nose, moving out into the muscle just below the cheekbone.  Be careful about actually putting pressure onto the cheekbone itself.
• Start making small circles with your fingertips around your friend's mouth and over the cheeks and jaw and move up to the temples.
• Cup your hands over the jawbone, fingers meeting at the chin.  Gently relax the jaw by drawing your hands up over the jawbone and towards the ears.
• Now that you are at the ears, circle the ears with your fingers. Then with your thumbs, make tiny circles over the lobes of the ear and up along the sides.
• Lastly, find your way to the scalp and make small and large cirles all over the scalp with your fingertips.  Do not leave out the base of the skull or the center of the head, etc.  It is important to be very thorough...because it feels so good:) Do this for however long you feel the energy to do so, and hold the head to finish.
Creativity is wondeful for massage.  This is just a good basis for you to follow.  Hopefully you find this to be so enjoyable to give that you add some of your own steps and techniques. And please remember to ask your friend if they are wearing contacts prior to the massge.  If they are, please have them remove the contacts. 
*Thanks to the book "Massage for Total Stress Relief,"  I was able to write this article with total ease:)             

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